Laglag Susi Gang actively looking for victims along President’s Ave.? Here are tips how you can avoid being a victim

So after posting the Laglag Susi Gang incident that almost victimized this mother and son in front of 7-Eleven in President’s Ave., we received another message from another lady driver who was almost victimized too last April in the same vicinity.

“It seems that this gang is just roaming around BF,” said the lady reader who requested for anonymity as well.

She then told us about the time she was waiting by President’s Ave. beside BPI and BDO Puregold.

File photo.

“Nag-knock sa passenger side mirror ko, sabi nalaglag plate ko. Alam ko nang modus so I gave him a thumbs up,” narrated the Paranaque resident.

After some time, another guy knocked on her side this time and told her her plate fell again.

She didn’t mind him still but she left the area and went to Puregold where there was a guard.

“May susi nakaipit sa bumper ko,” she revealed.

She also saw three women behind her car, probably companions of the two men, who were seemingly waiting for her to go down her vehicle.

This happened on a Saturday, around lunch time.

“I saw two guys naka-alahas, kwintas, bracelet, polo shirt, decent. Two guys look-out, naka-shirts lang and kunyari nagkekwentuhan sa harap. Then three females na medyo big built and may dalang payong,” she further stated.

Photo from the Evacom Laglag Susi Modus

If you remember our post from before (click here for the similar incident in Evacom), the umbrellas are usually used to cover the view of the vehicle owner.

She also remembered seeing all of them going down from a black van.

The resident also said they seem to be targeting lady drivers who are alone.

Good thing she was alert and was aware of this modus.

Good job!

So for those still unaware of the Laglag Susi/Barya or Katok Kotse Gang, here are some tips so you won’t fall prey to these criminal elements:

Always keep your doors locked.

Always. Make this a habit. When someone goes down, lock your doors instantly. When you enter your car, lock the doors immediately.

Don’t go down of your car.

Acknowledge what they are saying but do not lower down your window AND do not go down.

This is their opening. The other companions will open the doors once you go down and check your plate number or rear bumper.

The umbrellas of the women are used for covering what they are doing (from the owner of the car and from passersby).

If ever, for some reason, you really have to go down (we don’t know what this reason is but hopefully you don’t go down), make sure to turn off the engine of your vehicle and lock the doors once you are out of the vehicle.

You can also call the attention of passersby by honking your horns just in case you feel like you are being harrassed already by people knocking on your car window.

If you can take photos or you have a dashboard camera then please submit to the authorities as well.

Drive away.

Carefully drive away. Be careful not to run over them. This could be another modus in itself.

Calmly drive away and stop where you feel you are comfortable and safe enough to check your vehicle.

Find a safe place.

Go to the nearest gas station, police station or barangay office to check your vehicle.

Go to a well-lighted place. Find a spot away from where these criminals are.

Report the incident to the authorities so that they can check the area for the criminals.

If you can, let the authorities know. They can also help in retrieving the CCTV footage of establishments where these criminals approached you.


Not to cause panic but to all the lady drivers out here and especially those who frequent the BF Homes area, please be extra careful as the Laglag Susi Gang seems to be plying their evil trade in the area nowadays.

We hope that the tips will help you combat and avoid being victims of these people who don’t fight fair and who resort to evil means for reasons they will only be able to justify.

Take care out there, friends!


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