Las Piñas Number Coding Scheme UPDATE (November 2023)

“Alabang-Zapote Road and C5 Extension Road.”

This was the pronouncement of Las Piñas Traffic chief Joe Gonzales in an exclusive interview with Alabang Bulletin today.

Seeking clarification if number coding scheme in the city is only being implemented on Alabang-Zapote Road like during and after the pandemic, Gonzales mentioned that the Las Piñas parts of C5 Road Extension is now also part of the implementation.

“Naging maluwag dati dahil pandemic, pero ngayon kasama na si C5 since considered na rin siya as main thoroughfare ng city at para lumuwag din,” clarified Gonzales.

Also, unlike before wherein only MMDA personnel were implementing and apprehending violators, the Las Piñas traffic enforcers are enforcing this as well.

He also stated that the number coding scheme is still NOT being enforced along Daanghari, Marcos Alvarez and CAA roads and that only straight crossing is allowed when traversing Alabang-Zapote Road (eg. Cecille’s to Casimiro).

The city, in their Facebook Page “City of Las Piñas“, has been announcing the Number Coding Scheme regularly in the past weeks, saying this:

“Hindi maaaring bumiyahe mula alas-7:00 ng umaga hanggang alas-10:00 ng umaga at alas-5:00 ng hapon hanggang alas-8:00 ng gabi ang mga sasakyang nagtatapos ang numero ng plaka sa 3 at 4 (example for Wednesdays – Ed) maliban na lamang sa mga exempted na sasakyan base sa Number Coding Scheme ng MMDA!”

Please see image below:

For those asking and insisting, having a Friendship Route sticker also DOES NOT EXEMPT a vehicle from coding and yes, there is a window of 10:01am to 4:59pm and 8:01pm to 6:59am.

Mayor Imelda Aguilar last 2022 reiterated this in an interview and mentioned that only the following are exempted: “public utility vehicles (including tricycles), transport network vehicle services, motorcycles, garbage trucks, fuel trucks, marked government vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances, marked media vehicles, and motor vehicles carrying essential and/or perishable goods.” REFERENCE: (

The city also usually defers to what MMDA implements during holidays.

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