LTO releases rules on e-bike registration; Warns unlicensed drivers driving e-bikes


After it hit the market and a lot of people (old, young, slow, without helmets, without any driving experience, etc.) went out and bought them, the Land Transportation Office has finally came up with regulations on the registration of e-bikes.

Calling them Light Electric Vehicles or LEVs, LTO mentioned that they are now requiring registration of these vehicles as they have received numerous reports of unlicensed drivers driving e-bikes around the country.

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For owners of these e-bikes, you may register your e-bikes at the following LTO branches:

Diliman District Office
Quezon City District Office
Pasay District Office
Caloocan District Office

They will also start impounding unregistered LEVs, they announced.

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Under Administrative Order AO-2006-01, registration steps are as follows:

1. Complete the following requirements:

– Commercial Invoice or Certificate of Registration from the country of origin
– BOC Certificate of Payment
– Certificate of Stock Reported (CSR)
– Sales Invoice of MV with sales evaluation from the regional office
– PNP-HPG MV Clearance Certification
– Duly accomplished and approved Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR) issued by the MVIS accredited by the LTO
– Appropriate insurance certificate of cover
– Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN)

2. Proceed to the transaction counters and submit all the required documents to the Evaluator for evaluation and computation of fees.

3. Undergo actual inspection of motor vehicles with duly accomplished MVIR. The form can be downloaded from the LTO website, and accomplished prior to your visit to the LTO.

Now, all e-bikes involved in accidents can now be identified and receive penalites accordingly. Hopefully, these will also eliminate unlicensed riders on the roads.

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22 Responses

  1. Peejay says:

    Let’s hope that the local traffic enforcers will apprehend the violators. And DTI must instruct dealers/sellers to inform buyers on the need for registering the e-bike.

    • Gerard Elvina says:

      As per LTO Discussion with the dealers last year, it was agreed that the dealers will cover and take care of our first registration, in the event LTO has come up with the proper category of bikes, and which models will be exempted and included.

    • Tom says:

      Wanker!! You should be more concerned about the public carrying jeepneys and there bald tyres. Also Filipino driving habits.

      • Roy says:

        Sorry mas nakakabahala etong mga eto, kasi wala talagang experience magdrive haharurot sa kalsa na kala mo truck ang dala.

  2. MOn says:

    sa ibang bansa ba nakaregister ang mga ebikes?

    • Titing Epal says:

      So kung di naka register sa ibang bansa mag aaklas na kayong mga gunggong kayo!?! O balak mo dalhin eBike mo sa ibang bansa?!? Ungas ang puta….

  3. Gerard Elvina says:

    For your information the guidelines for this is for E-Bike Dealers and not us end users. LTO has yet to issue a specific memo amending AO-2006 which they released way back in 2006. Don’t get me wrong, Im for the licensing of drivers and in favor of registering our bikes, but please let this article confuse others as the LTO is also confused at the moment

    • Roy says:

      Simple lang po yan. Its a motorised vehicle this will be under all the guidelines of current road laws of the Philippines.

  4. Elmer patriarca says:

    Pano naman yung mga second hand owner na walang pinanghahawakan tapos di na makontak mga dating may ari ?

  5. Yann says:

    Wtf? How bout the old ones na gumagamit ng ganyan, maka reklamo kayo. Nakaka asar lahat nalang, tapos ang lalayo pa ng branches for registrations? E kaya nga nag ebike kasi hindi kaya ng mga ganyang galawan. Mga bugok LTO at mga nagrereklamo.

    • Titing Epal says:

      Pero pag nakasagasa kayo mga naka eBike, kamot ulo na lang?!?! Sorry na lang, pasensya na wala naman rehistro at insurance?!?! Nagreklamo bugok, eh kayo utak biya?

  6. Ryan says:

    Good Sir, please place yourself in the shoes of those who utilize Ebikes. If you leave far from the location where to register electric vehicles and you were apprehended, what will you feel good Sir? The problem is not yet those who use ebikes without registration. Resolve the root first, if the everyone can register properly on any branch, at any time and there is a FINALIZED regulation (which is not yet done up to now), then LTO can go and catch violators, but if LTO is the problem having Ebikers visit LTO branches to register willingly far from the given locations on the post then do you think this is good? please think about it Sir, lets not be too stupid to rush and apprehend. The best direction for this is “LTO has finalized regulation” then “All LTO branches will accept EBIKE registration” then “EBIKERs are required to have a license” then APPREHEND. No matter what the reason of the user, the procedure is clear.

  7. rey says:


  8. Sunshine Kid says:

    What next, license walking?

  9. VICENTE TOMAS says:

    tama lang na i-rehistro mga yan..kahit mga menor de-edad nasa maharlika highway gamit ang e-bike..ang -ebike kasi ay isang uri ng land transport.kaya dapat i-regulate ng land transportation office.PERO DAPAT LAHAT NG OFFICE NG LTO AY PWEDENG DOON MAGREHISTRO…KUNG TAGA-SORSOGON KA O TAGA CAGAYAN ,KAILANGAN IBIYAHE MO PA ANG E-BIKE PARA MAPAREHISTRO…HUWAG NAMANG PAHIRAPAN ANG MAY-ARI NG E-BIKE..NAGBAYAD NAMAN NG BUWIS ANG MGA YAN NG BILHIN ANG E-BIKE NA YAN..

  10. Arthur Gamulo says:

    Will LTO in provinces also accept the registration of e-bikes?


    paano ko dadalhin ang ebike ko fron pasig to caloocan, boknoy na LTO

  12. Tonio says:

    Kung iikutin ko ang buong metro manila para lang maipon lahat ng papeles na yan, mag momotor na lang ako, OR CR lang ok na. it’s obvious electric vehicles are discouraged in this country. Kung nasa province, dadalhin ko pa talaga ang ebike ko dito? Imbes na ID at resibo lang, or NO REGISTRATION NEEDED, pinapahirapan talaga. Mga oil companies, wala ba kayong kinalaman sa kalokohang ito? hmmmm

  13. Glenn says:

    Wow, bisikleta lng dapat p iregister? Mabilis p mountain bike s ebike ko eh. Kagaguhan amputa.

  14. PasigPRIDE says:

    S mga nag sasabing dpt iparegister ang ebike dhil land transport ito so dpt pati ang bike , manual scooter, skateboard e dpt ipa register kasi land transport din ito diba.. Wag nmn nting gawin tanga ang tao.. Mag bigay n kng kayu ng mga road n bawal ang ebike.. Kesa ipa register pa dagdag kurakot nyo lng yan ee wag nyo n kami idamay mga ebikers..

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