Katok Kotse Modus victimizes woman in Parañaque

Trust no one.

This should be our general attitude nowadays especially with the spate of crimes happening around us.

Like this poor woman in Evacom (Barangay San Dionisio, Paranaque).

All she wanted to do was back up her car and get on with what she was supposed to do.

But no. These evil individuals had other things in mind.

Her things.

Watch the video below to see for yourself:


Click on this link if you are unable to view:


As caught on CCTV, some four individuals tricked the lady driver into checking the back of her vehicle as one of the suspects signaled that she had hit something.

While she was inspecting what she thought she hit behind her car, two individuals then open her door and grab her bag (they were unsuccessful on their first try but were persistent).

Another woman with an umbrella was also there as she seemed to act as a shade and used her umbrella to block the woman’s view of the front of her car.

So trust no one.

If ever you really can’t back up your car because there is something blocking it, remember to lock your door.

Turn off the engine, remove your car keys then lock your doors.

Evil is around us. In all shapes and forms.

So let us all be doubly careful so as not to become victims of these evil people.


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