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Alabang Bulletin is your 24/7 online news source for happenings in and around Las Pinas, Paranaque and Muntinlupa. This is where we gather all news happenings from different sources (websites, newspapers, television, radio, interviews, etc.) and present them to you.

Anything interesting your side of the town? Share them with us so we can uhm share them with everyone as well!

Our vision is to keep everyone informed about the going’s on in their respective areas because information is power.

Let us all be informed. We are at your service. Let us spread the word.


Who we are:

We are you.

We hate it when we don’t have water.

We get worried when a bad thing happens to our neighborhood.

Traffic along Alabang-Zapote Road, Sucat Road or along the National Highway? We hate those too.

So we want everyone informed.

Instead of browsing through different sites on the internet for news in and around your city, we gladly put together all those news for you and put them all here. No need to search the world wide web.

But we need your help too. We don’t have people or reporters so please help us by letting us know about happenings and musings around your area.


Please feel free to share with everyone your news, complaints, projects, events, sales, etc. so all our readers can be informed.

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We are the conscience in the south.

For public officials and ordinary citizens to always do what is good.

If we see you mess up your job, be prepared to see it here in our site.

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