“Laglag Susi Gang” almost victimizes mother and son in President’s Ave. in BF

So Alabang Bulletin was again tagged several times by our dear readers/contributors this time due to a botched modus operandi along one of the busiest streets in BF Homes in Paranaque.

At around 3pm last Friday, a mother and son just wanted to get a drink from 7-Eleven along President’s Ave. but got a different dose of danger instead.

According to the victim who requested anonymity, her son and herself parked their car in front of 7-Eleven then her son got down to get the drink.

File photo.

She said she was on the driver’s seat and was on her phone when she saw a man pointing at her rear bumper.

“I went down and saw a bunch of keys on my bumper and I said that they were not mine,” narrated the victim.

She said she then heard a commotion and saw her son shouting at the man and chasing him in the process.

The son then locked his arms around the man and dropped the man on the road.

“My wallet was open and bills were flying out on the street,” continued the victim, saying she was in shock that she stil did not realize they were being scammed or that a modus was in the works.

She said her son then decided to let go as he said he was afraid the man would have a knife or that other companions in the modus would rush to the aid of the man.

“The bad guy ran away,” the victim noted.

File photo.

She was also sad that people around them just looked while this was all happening.

There were two banks nearby who had security guards and a lot of customers and passersby but no one bothered to help them and just looked at them.

“My husband would always warn me about these moduses but never thought that it can happen to me,” she expressed.

The victim intimated to Alabang Bulletin that some people who approached her said that the man had other companions — three women as lookouts and three more men.

They decided not to report it to the nearby police or barangay and felt that posting it on social media would gather more attention and action.

As a warning to fellow residents, the victim reiterated that IT CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE.

President’s Ave.

“We have to be more alert and deliberate in locking cars, looking at our surroundings. Anyone who calls your attention that there is something wrong with your car, do not go down. At that moment, you would not even think that it’s a set-up because they act very well – looks genuine. I’m just grateful my son is fine. I got everything back, but that is not what matters. I just wanted my son to be safe. We have to know when to let go because one’s safety is more important. Our angels were watching over us! Thank you, Lord!”

Like what we’ve always been saying, if those in-charge of protecting us can’t, let us all be more vigilant so that these crooks will not have victims to prey on.

Stay safe, everyone.


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