Our car registration renewal experience in LTO Muntinlupa Extension Office

So the three-year car registration of our vehicle expires this month so we decided to giving it a go at the LTO Muntinlupa Extension Office in Tunasan, Muntinlupa (beside SM Muntinlupa).

It was our first time in a long time to do so so we didn’t know what to expect.

We actually reserved our whole morning for this.

Needless to say, we were very happy.

We were in and out in an hour and a half or so (we probably took longer than others since we were observing everything AND we didn’t know what to do — at any rate, spending less than two hours in a government office nowadays is very rare — so yeah, we were ecstatic).

So we arrived around 9:30am and we were immediately met by a “Motorist Assistance Aide” who helped us find parking.

Upon going down the car, the “aide” (not a fixer — Kuya Ed, our aide, said fixers are not allowed on the compound) quickly checked our documents (please bring your original OR and CR for reference but prepare several photocopies as these are the ones they will process).

There are photocopy machines by the carinderias by the side of the building.

Kuya Ed (thank you again, Kuya Ed!) then went to the Emission Testing Center to file our application and he told us until our name was called.

To make things faster while waiting for our name to be called, he brought us to where we could get TPL car insurance.

We were asked to pay P1,250.

He then stenciled the body number of our vehicle.

After waiting for 30 minutes, our name was called and we were asked to park our car where the emission testing was being done.

Vehicles on Diesel took longer since they needed to warm up the car for around 15 minutes before they tested it.

No discrimination here as well — cars and motorcycle registration passed the same line.

After the testing, our name was called again so we could pay.

We paid P450 for the Emission Testing.

We were then instructed to go to a window inside the actual building (the steps above were all done outside so wear a cap or bring water for hydration) where an inspector would determine which window we would go to next.

After handing our documents (photocopies of our OR and CR, insurance and emission test results) to the person in-charge, we were told to go to Window 9 where an “Evaluator” was.

We waited around 10 minutes then was instructed to pay at the Cashier (the Evaluator determines how much you have to pay for your car registration).

After waiting for another 10 to 15 minutes, our name was called and we paid for our car registration.

Once we were given our receipt, we were asked to give our documents to the Releasing window.

Upon presenting our documents, we waited for another three to five minutes then was given our new OR and CR plus the LTO sticker.


We then looked for Kuya Ed to thank him and we gave him a little tip for his assistance.

We were out by around 10:30am or so.

Not bad.

Yup, if we had more cars, we’d definitely register it here.

Thank you to all the helpful people at the LTO Muntinlupa Extension Office!

My Driver’s License ID was still not available though (please see link for Driver’s License Renewal at the same office) but I don’t think this is this particular office’s fault.

Either way, it was a quick and smooth processing so thumbs up to them!


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7 Responses

  1. Jojo says:

    you can get a TPL insurance at half the price from known reputable insurance companies or get it from where you got your comprehensive insurance (if you have any).

  2. Yolanda Gamboa says:

    Puede po ba magparegister ng car kahit hindi dala ang car sa lto

  3. Oliver says:

    How much ang car registration? Di kasi na mention. Thanks.

  4. Alberto V. Flor says:

    I will appreciate veey much if you could give me estimates how much I will pay for my car registration for 2018 and now 2019. The reason why I failed to register my car last 2018 was that its under repair even uo to now. I couldnt bring it at your office becoz its not yet fully repaired. I have regustered my car with plate nbr TDJ-323, Nissan Sentra Supersaloon 1992 Model color red.

    I need the computation so that I can start saving the amount until March.

    Also how much will I be paying for Prof Drivers License renewal? Do I have to undergo Medical Exam? Many thanks in advance for your help and assistance.

  5. Jesper Dioquino says:

    Pwede po ba magparehistro ng motor, during saturdays sa (lto muntinlupa)

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