Driver’s License Renewal in LTO Muntinlupa Extension Office

Located along the National Highway in Muntinlupa, the LTO Muntinlupa Extension Office is easy to locate.

It is between the Pepsi warehouse (you won’t miss this because of all their trucks causing traffic in this portion) and SM Muntinlupa (where jeepneys cause traffic to pick up and drop off passengers) so you won’t have a hard time locating it (it’s on the same side as both SM and Pepsi).

There are ample parking slots inside so don’t be afraid to bring your car. Either way, you can park for free in SM.

So we came with phone batteries fully-charged so we will at least be entertained while waiting for our driver’s license renewal to be processed and we found out this was not necessary.

We were in and out in more or less 40 minutes!

We went at around 12 noon (they don’t have lunch breaks!) because we read somewhere that fewer people go there in the afternoon.

We went inside and approached the Complaints/Information Desk (its the only desk outside of the Windows).

You still get the vibe that employees there do not like working there and that you are bothering them but if we can get in and out of any government office in less than an hour then we don’t really care.

But it would really help if they smiled more.

Anyway, we were quickly told to go where the medical check up was.

The Medical Clinic is located outside.

There, we were asked to do some eye exams — the usual Snellen Chart and a test to see if we were color blind.

We were asked to pay P200.

The doctor was extra-friendly and were giving us tips on where to go next.

We then went back and gave the results to the Information Desk who then instructed us to proceed to Window 7 for our documents to be evaluated as we sat down and waited for our name to be called.

After our name was called by the Information Desk again, we were told to photocopy our old Driver’s License and fill up the Driver’s License Application Form.

TIP: Bring your own ballpen. The stores outside sell ballpens for around P10 to P15.

We then gave it back to the Information Desk and was asked to proceed to Window 7 once again.

The air-conditioning unit will be useless if there are a lot of people.

When sitting down, choose the area near windows 1 to 4 where the air-conditioning is satisfactory. We think the air-conditioning unit cannot provide the proper coolness to the place but it was the coldest area in the LTO office.

After our name was called, we proceeded to Window 4 where our photo was taken and our signature recorded.

We were then asked to wait by Window 11 or the Cashier.

When our name was called again, we were asked to pay for the renewal.

License Fee Rates

I had to pay extra since my license was already expired for a few days.

So after paying, we proceeded to Window 1 for Releasing.

5 years!

As of October 2016, validity of our Driver’s Licenses is now five years.

They still did not have ID cards so they gave us our old Driver’s License together with the paper and were asked to call their office to follow up when the actual card would be available.

So there, in and out in more or less 40 minutes! Not bad!

Oh, they also have comfort rooms outside as well as carinderia-type eateries.

Please see their days and times of operation below:

Also, like any LTO office, they accept applications even if you’re not from Muntinlupa. Just as long as you are not changing any information like name or address.

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5 Responses

  1. Jarred itol says:

    Tanong ko lang po kung ngproprocess po sila ng conversion po to non pro

  2. Mark Anthony Pasilan says:

    sir/ma’am i have query regarding po sa unit na nabili ko honda crv gen.1 which is not yet transferrred in my name. My question is since the mother office where the car was registered is in ur office muntinlupa extension office indicated in cert. of registration. Can i request from your office a CONFIRMATION of the said vehicle? i have purchased it the year 2017 still under the name of previous owner, and i have the complete documents or/cr and dead of sale. By the way im from Negros Occidental.

  3. Ferdinand caceres says:

    Good morning na lost License po Kasi ako pwede po ba makakuha sa MUNTINLUPA Branch…thanks

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