Cops nab foreigner for selling illegal COVID-19 medicine in Parañaque

From by Consuelo Marquez

MANILA, Philippines — Police officers arrested a Chinese man in Parañaque City on Saturday afternoon for allegedly selling unregistered medicine that allegedly treats the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

The suspect was identified as Yongchun Cai, 51, a resident of Multinational Village in Barangay Moonwalk in Parañaque.

Police sent the seized medicine and other health supplies to the Food and Drug Administration. (Photo from the Public Information Office of the Southern Police District)



Members of Parañaque City Police Station raided the suspect’s house after receiving complaints from residents that foreigners were selling and distributing Chinese medicine for COVID-19 even as there were still no vaccines available yet for the respiratory disease.

City officials also joined police officers in the operation to verify the report.

Seized were 64 boxes and 40 plastic bags containing medicines and other health supplies with Chinese characters. Police said the suspect failed to show a valid permit for possession of the medical supplies.

According to the Southern Police District, the seized items were sent to the Food and Drug Administration.

Cai is now in jail pending the filing of a complaint against him for violation of the Philippine Pharmacy Act.

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