50% Off on Review Classes plus more at Veritas English Teaching & Learning Institute!

VERITAS ENGLISH TEACHING & LEARNING INSTITUTE, INC. is an institution that mainly focuses on giving excellent education in English development. Our students go through intensive and various practices to equip them with language learning fundamentals and principles that will help them develop their self-confidence in the English language. Throughout the years, Veritas ETLI has expanded its programs to higher learning.

Our learning institution has modern teaching strategies. It has one-on-one or group classes suited to the needs of the individuals. The curriculum is based on intensive research and has been proven effective in studying ESL, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, ACT, and TESOL. The school environment is friendly and warm; thus will make you feel comfortable as you learn.

Our teachers have undergone intensive training for the English programs. They are very confident and professional in their craft. They are all friendly and are concerned with the welfare of the students and would do nothing but the best for them.

Located in the business district of Alabang, VERITAS ETLI caters to students and professionals within and beyond the vicinity. Veritas ETLI is one of the few partners of the Global Assessment Certificate (GAC) program in the Philippines and is an official testing center for the ACT. The institute has also recently acquired a partnership with Cambridge English as a preparation center.

For more information about programs, you may email Veritas ETLI at veritasetli@gmail.com or call/text at (02) 823.90.53 or (0905) 207.99.89.

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3 Responses

  1. Mark Joseph Sumiwan says:

    Can I apply as an instructor/teacher there?

  2. monaliza olitin says:

    My son is graduating next year (June 2018) and then he will migrate here in the USA. The school we are planning for him for college listed ACT as on of the requirements, could you please give information regarding the exam. You could send me a link so that I can study it. By the way my son is residing in Sta.Rosa, Laguna. Can he do the review in one week (Christmas Vacation) and take the exam the soonest sched.

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