Need help? Want to help? Check out the Lifeline Foundation

Feeling depressed? In despair? There are people who care.

Here’s a group in the south that can help you.

And for the good souls out there, they’re also looking for volunteers who can help them help others.

Here is their story:

We are Lifeline Foundation Support Team, Inc., a non-stock, non-profit, non-government organization based in Manila.

We’re a group of educators, artists, medical professionals, architects, students, musicians and engineers – who all have busy lives but have one thing in common. We are people who care, dedicated to the relief of the oppressed and the empowering of the victim-minded.

We began with a suicide prevention hotline in 2003, and within the same year started giving free medical, dental assistance, along with free food and groceries, clothes and blankets to several Mangyan tribes of Mindoro. .

We began to, as Filipinos, sense a greater call to a global responsibility to the human need, and we were proud to send a mission last December 2005 to war-torn Rwanda in Africa. Third world helping third world, proving we have a lot to give.

When people care about those who live around them as much as they care for their own personal well-being that is the precise moment that poverty starts to decline and wealth begins to sprout.

When people care for their children, and for the whole of their children—not just their physical feeding—but the health of their children as a whole, mentally strong, emotionally robust and physically fit, we will see choices made that bring about change for the common good.

When a poor man cares for his dog, and shows his children the way of compassion—he teaches his children that no reason, no matter how difficult the circumstance is an excuse to cause suffering or harm to another breathing soul.

We have been astonished at the levels of entitlement that exist amongst our impoverished. Last year we offered a scholarship for a little girl we knew in our neighborhood. Her family could not even send her to public school and we wanted to help. Our offer to provide a scholarship was met with suspicion and resistance. “Why? What did we want to do with her? What kind of school is this?” We answered all these questions and more satisfactorily and yet, our offer was declined.

It is disheartening to recognize that many of these parents would rather have their children beg on the streets of Manila than to furnish them with the foundation of a good education.

We believe in social evolution through revolutionizing our thinking.

If you’ve got any questions or suggestions or want to become involved and part of the solution, we would like to hear from you.

We are constantly looking for teachers, social workers, doctors, nurses, health professionals, people who care, as volunteers, interns and full-time staff. We need people who are passionate about making a difference and believe in changing the world.

If you know that you are that person, please contact us. Please include your contact information and we’ll get in touch with you.

Lifeline Foundation Support Team Inc. Headquarters

address: #86 Aguirre St., BF Homes, Parañaque City, Philippines
phone: (+632) 836.2514

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