Two more Basag Kotse Gang victims come forward; CCTV footage catches glimpse of one suspect

We might as well call ourselves “Basag Kotse Gang” Bulletin.

Two more victims messaged us to ask for help and to narrate their stories so that others will not be victimized like them and also to call on authorities to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

One victim told us about what happened to her while parked inside BF Homes Subdivision (Las Pinas part) while the other one happened in Molito in Alabang.

The one from BF was kind enough to send a short CCTV footage just so the suspect could be somewhat seen. Her window was not smashed but seemed like it was forcibly opened.

Please read her story below:

We finished up at school at around 6:14PM, I texted my sister that I was on my way to Moscow.

I parked my car at the Munich Parking lot. On my way to the parking area some weird dude crossing bumped into me and ran off towards CAA.

I did my usual thing – get in the car, start my engine and turn on the AC.

I got to Moscow after a few minutes. I CHECKED ALL THE DOORS IF THEY WERE LOCKED.

I went inside, ate dinner. Talked with a couple of friends. And my battery was running low, so I went out to get my charger in my bag which was inside the car. After getting my charger AGAIN I MADE SURE ALL DOORS WERE LOCKED.

I went back inside. My aunt arrived shortly and we were inside for a good hour or so. When she left she accidentally left her pouch, so I ran after her to the parking lot and gave her the pouch. Before going in I CHECKED IF MY DOORS WERE LOCKED.

While I was playing on my phone, the dorm manager asked me “Ma’am *****, do you always leave your window open?” And my heart started pounding real fast. (I’ve read soooo many stories of cars getting broken into.)

I ran to the parking area and my heart sank when I saw my window was open. The first think I did was to check if the window was broken. But it wasn’t so the WHOLE time I was baffled. We went in to review the CCTV footage and ODDLY, I WENT TO THE PARKING WITH MY WINDOW OPEN. I had NO recollection of opening my window. Anyone who knows me, also know that I only open my window when I need to pay for parking. I didn’t park in the pay parking area.

So we continued to watch the video and we saw a boy coming from Mariposa’s end, he stopped and went up the ramp on the passenger’s side. He was checking the windows. (His handprints were all over my windows) Then he went to the driver’s side and found the open window. He left his folder full of questionable tools by the water meter. And he jumped in my car and started looking for things. He was rummaging for about 4 minutes. He took my wallet with all my IDs, Cards, photos, a few lose change and some foreign currency. He placed it in his pocket and biked away.

He came back after a while to get my cup filled with change. (Mostly 5 and 1 peso coins).

We went back outside to check if he left anything coz as per the CCTV footage, he did leave something. I continued to inspect my car and my car has a scratch on the side that looks like it was “marked”.

It’s so disappointing that for such a small amount of money, this freakin’ idiot took my wallet that had all my cards and IDs!

Tools used by the thief.

I already filed a police report and gave his paraphernalia to the evidence department. And while I was at the police station, the dorm caretakers saw him coming back. As if he was looking for something.

Guys we have to be extra careful.

P.S. The guy who bumped into me near school was like the guy who got into my car.


What was even more frustrating was when the Las Pinas policemen the victim reported the incident to didn’t seem interested with the case.

“When we showed them the CCTV, they just said ‘dilim eh. ‘di kita’,” relayed the victim, adding that she was even victim shamed by the policemen as they said it was her fault for leaving her bag inside her car.

The police also said the victim should just call the guards in BF to take care of investigating the incident.

Yan tayo eh. Kayo na nga naging negligent tapos pulis na naman sisisihin niyo,” one of the policemen said, according to the victim.

Please see video of the incident below:

The victim’s mom even suggested that she might have also been a victim of Budol Budol Gang.

In any case, her window was not smashed and her car is heavily tinted so there was no way the suspect saw what was inside her car.

So let’s just try to park in well-lighted and well-secured areas to avoid being a victim of this.


The other incident in Molito happened last Aug. 26 between 6pm to 10pm.

The laptop of the victim was stolen as his car was parked in front of HSBC — just a couple short meters away from the entry/exit booth.

He said the PNP helped him in filling up a report about the incident and even coordinated with the mall management to secure the CCTV footage from HSBC.

As of press time, the bank is still said to be getting approval from their head office.


We can only shake our heads and ask “what is happening?!”

And wish that authorities do their jobs to protect their customers and their constituents.

Let’s all be vigilant.


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  1. Edgar Francis Mortiz says:

    My car was broken into as well last Sept.10 while parked inside the Church near Posadas Village. My sister-in-law borrowed the car to hear mass, parked inside the parking area thinking it was safe since there was a guard stationed there. After hearing mass they found the rear window smashed and all their bags and valuables gone. There’s a small sratch on the door as well, like it was marked. CCTV was offline during the time, so we think that the guard was in cahoots with the robbers.

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