UPDATED: Number Coding on Commerce Ave. to formally start this March 13

“There will be no window hours.” (Edited this statement as there now seems to be exemptions. – Ed)

This was the pronouncement of Barangay Ayala Alabang chairman Ruben Baes in a conversation with Alabang Bulletin today as he gave updates on the controversial Number Coding along Commerce Ave.

The update was a reply to numerous inquiries from motorists regularly plying the busy road.

Baes though reiterated that the Number Coding is still on an experimental basis at present and that barangay personnel stationed along the highway would only be giving advisories or warnings.

“Number coding on Commerce Ave. will be fully implemented on March 13, 2017,” he added this week.

Reposting details of the ordinance from one of our early articles below:

Also called “An Ordinance Providing for Vehicle Volume Reduction Along Commerce Ave. Within the Territorial Jurisdiction of Barangay Ayala Alabang, the provision was borne out of the observations that “Commerce Avenue at all times of the day are choked in vehicular traffic with barely-moving vehicles” and the “need to regulate traffic in said avenue to ease flow,” according to the ordinance.

Photo from Patsy Abello (Thanks, Patsy!)

As stated before, the Experimental Number Coding will be implemented from 7am up to 7pm from Monday to Friday — no coding on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

“Residents, schools and other providers entering/exiting the villages will be tolerated, including employees of Alabang Town Center, Madrigal Business Park and Molito,” explained Baes.

Barangay Ayala Alabang jurisdiction along Commerce Ave. is from the barangay marker (after Hyundai from Filinvest) until Daang Hari Road.

The ordinance also called for any motor vehicle not to park much more double park along Commerce Ave.

The following penalties were also drawn up:

First offense – P500
Second offense – P750
Third and succeeding offenses – P1,000

No confiscation of licenses will occur, mentioned Baes, and he said failure to pay the fine will result in a case filed in court.

Again, we will update everyone on new developments and when the trial stage is over and when the real implementation begins.

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79 Responses

  1. abner says:

    “Residents, schools and other providers entering/exiting the villages will be tolerated, including employees of Alabang Town Center, Madrigal Business Park and Molito,” explained Baes.”

    Wait so does this mean I can still ply the road on coding days if our office is in Madrigal Business Park? If I’m apprehended I can show my company ID and such for proof?

    • AlabangBulletin says:

      Yes, so please always have your company ID on hand.

      • abner says:

        ok thanks hopefully this has been passed on to the on-duty traffic enforcers there when this is implemented

        • MGBN says:

          May our driver ply through as well after I am dropped off in our Madrigal office? He will use the same route in going back home. I am coding on Tuesdays.

    • Sheryl Pasamba says:

      Can i still enter alabang hills subdivision? I will come from daanghari and commerce ave entering alabang hills where san beda located

      • AlabangBulletin says:

        Crossing is allowed but not too far. Try Acacia Ave. instead or Madrigal then enter the side street to Alabang Hills.

    • Sheryl Pasamba says:

      If i cross alabang zapote road going to alabang hills where san beda is, will i’ll be caught?

  2. Rey says:

    What about those not working in ATC, Madrigal and Molito? Health workers going to Ospital ng Muntinlupa from Las Pinas in particular? So they are not “tolerated” since their workplace is not within these areas considering the relatively short distance?

    • AlabangBulletin says:

      We are afraid so. But please still have your ID’s on hand. Enforcer or Barangay personnel might “tolerate”.

  3. Rey says:

    Will the Barangay personnel honor the MMDA exemption certificates to be issued to health professionals?

  4. Judy says:

    Are students of San Beda College Alabang( located inside Alabang Hills Village) also exempt from this coding? Thank you very much!

  5. feli miras says:

    Hi! I would like to clarify if the color coding scheme is now implemented in Muntinlupa or just along Commerce Ave?

  6. Dar says:

    So if i am going to alabang town center from slex, i will be caught?

  7. mae says:

    how about working in insular? i found few 9 and 0 today in commerce ave.

  8. Ann says:

    Hi, just want to make sure that the number coding will be implemented from 7am to 7pm only?

  9. Roberto Elazegui says:

    Dear Sirs?
    If I cross alabang zapote road will I violate the coding scheme?

    Thank you

  10. John Source says:

    My company is located in 2107 Prime St., Madrigal Business Park, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa and I have an ID to prove it. Does that include me in the tolerable private vehicles passing through Commerce? I was wondering lang kasi I’m in the other side of Madrigal Business Park. Baka magtaka yung mga enforcers kung bakit ako nasa commerce.

    • AlabangBulletin says:

      We are not sure about but you can ask barangay traffic enforcers manning commerce. They will just warn you if you’re a first offender anyway.

  11. A says:

    When is the real implementation? I passed by commerce this morning and they are already issuing tickets from brgy.ayala….

  12. Jonoy says:

    How about employees from Northgate Cyberzone?

    • AlabangBulletin says:

      not mentioned by the barangay, sorry, but please confirm with the barangay personnel manning the area.

  13. raymund says:

    is this still being implemented?

  14. Erick Lawrence says:

    If we are picking my son from zobel will we be apprehended? As per bulleting schools are exempted.

  15. Jen says:

    is there a window hour?

  16. ken says:

    sir im going to alabang town center today im planning to take alabang zapote road. am i going to get caught?

  17. Chris Aguilar says:

    Sir if I passed by daang hari to acacia ave. going to alabang zapote road then to alabang hills and vice versa.. will I be apprehended? Thanks

  18. Glenn Alvia says:

    Sir, just to verify, are there window hours (10am-3pm) for the number coding scheme in Alabang, Muntinlupa?

  19. RB says:

    Good am. Can I crossover Commerce ave. If I’m plying Filinvest Ave? Thanks

  20. Mickey says:

    Is the road along starmall(metropolis) have coding as well?

  21. do says:

    good am sir..ppunta po ako ng ATC ..mang gagaling po ako mg SLEX my huli po ba?

  22. Renz Diestro says:

    Good Morning my conduction sticker end number 9 i am going to ATC for a work Visits passing the said road huhulihin ba ako.

  23. southstation says:

    hi sir, pag pupunta ako east service road going to work, will i also be apprehended?
    mas okay ba sa alabang exit or sa sucat exit pumasok , if from south area ako?


  24. Carl magma says:

    Wala ng coding sa commerce going to daang hari?

  25. Keng F says:

    Hi Resident from AAV, Is it exempted?

  26. Jeffrey rabaino says:

    Hi sir were here in Azumi with fiance and coding ako ngyon Friday. We plan to go to nuvali after our checkout this 12 noon. Mahuhuli po b kami?thank you

    • AlabangBulletin says:

      Just be careful when crossing from there to Acacia or Madrigal or to Daanghari. No coding on Commerce Ave.

  27. Anne says:

    Hi Sir, i’m working in northgate cyberzone and dadaan po ako from Molino-Daanghari then kanan po sa dulo ng daanghari then papasok sa Acacia para dere derecho ng Northgate. Coding po ako every friday. Mahuhuli po ba ako? Salamat po!

  28. Mark Christian Villanueva says:

    May coding po ba bukas acacia gate to commerce September 21 2017

  29. Salina says:

    From MCX passing daanghari then madrigal entrance going to TLC inside Ayala alabang. mahuhuli po ba?

    • AlabangBulletin says:

      Number Coding along Commerce Ave. is currently suspended. There might be Las Pinas traffic enforcers though along the Las Pinas part of Daanghari.

  30. Nhoriel says:

    Good am sir! From festival mall kakanan po ako sa fire station to starmall, sakop/ kasama pa po sya s number coding? Mahuhuli po ba ako?ty

  31. boris says:

    good morning sir. i will pass daang hari road then cross alabang zapote road intersection going to sycamore building. mahuhuli po kaya ako? thanks sir

  32. Eilsel says:

    I have a Madrigal Business Park sticker, can i pass commerce avenue going to ATC kahit hindi ako sa ATC nag wo-work?
    How about sa pag uwi going to cavite then dadaan ng daang-hari, iaacknowledge din po ba yung sticker.

  33. Miguel says:

    Kindly update this post as there is currently a number coding scheme along Commerce Ave.

  34. Cecil liao says:

    Good morning sir since it’s holiday today ,
    I just want to know if I can pass commerce ave today to daang hari coding Tuesday

  35. Angie says:

    Im going to festival mall… Is no. coding still implemented in Commerce ave… Thanks…

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