Number Coding along Commerce Ave. to be implemented again starting Oct. 23

Coinciding with the usual traffic experienced along the always busy street especially during the Holidays, Barangay Ayala Alabang has announced that the Number Coding along Commerce Ave. will be implemented again come Oct. 23, 2017 (Monday).

According to BAA captain Ruben Baes, the scheme will be put in place from 7am to 9am and from 4pm to 7pm — identified by them as the rush hours.

This means the Number Coding scheme for this run will have a window from 9:01am to 3:59pm.

Baes also made it clear that scheme will only be implemented within the barangay’s territorial jurisdiction which is from the Barangay Ayala Alabang marker (just after Hyundai from Filinvest) up to Daanghari Road.

“All vehicles with AAVA stickers — including school stickers, all providers and deliveries entering and exiting the village will be tolerated,” explained the barangay captain further.

He added that Muntinlupa residents as well as employees from the business establishments like Alabang Town Center, Molito and Madrigal Business Park will be allowed.

Maybe the “Muntinlupa residents” is a compromise with the Muntinlupa government? We will confirm with BAA and update this post accordingly.

Just to remind everyone, the ordinance also called for any motor vehicle not to park much more double park along Commerce Ave.

The following penalties were also drawn up:

First offense – P500
Second offense – P750
Third and succeeding offenses – P1,000

No confiscation of licenses will occur, mentioned Baes, and he said failure to pay the fine will result in a case filed in court.

Let’s hope this helps in decreasing traffic build up in the area.


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139 Responses

  1. abner says:

    yess thanks for the window hours

  2. Yap says:

    Will the madrigal sticker still gives me immunity to the coding scheme?

  3. Sean Mendoza says:

    I’m a nurse at AHMC. I live in Molino. I hope they don’t bring up the coding again, it’s a hassle especially for us healthcare workers on call any day of the week.

  4. Nhel Mercado says:

    Madrigal Business Park employees are exempted, right?

  5. Kim says:

    Hi no coding to starmall area right?

  6. Jeff says:

    Will vehicles with Katarungan Village stickers be exempted?

  7. Daisay Catro says:

    just want to make sure if madrigal business park employee are exempted? i work in Page 1 Bldg. thanks

  8. abner says:

    just to be clear it’s only until 7pm unlike Alabang-Zapote which has coding still extended til 8pm? thanks

  9. Brian says:

    Kasama po ba ang 2-wheels sa coding?

  10. Jimel says:

    Hi..just wanna ask..friday coding po kmi pero ang camella po friday lng po ngrerelease ng paymnt check samin kya every friday of the month lng po kmi pmupunta ng alabang ang way po nmin ay jn sa commerce ave. Panu po ggwin nmin pra po hndi kmi mhuli kc po coding kmi?thnks

  11. Rosal E. Sacil says:

    I have a seminar on Acacia Hotel. Can my car exempt on color coding

  12. Koi says:

    is the coding applicable as well to vehicles just crossing Commerce ave.?

  13. Jake says:

    I bring my son to School in Festival Mall. Is that area covered?
    I pass by Alabang-Zapote Road coming form East Service Road then turn left at Corporate Avenue towards Festival entrance before Commerce Ave.

  14. Faith says:

    hi! we will be residing at Campville, Brgy. Cupang, Muntinlupa and my daughter goes to school at LH Montessori at 4th Estate Sucat Parañaque. Our car ends with 1 na coding sya every Monday. Are we exempted sa coding? We usually send my daugther at 6:30am and fetch her at 11:30am

  15. Glenda Moreno says:

    How about TS cruz going to san beda alabang. Coming from southvale? Is it true that the opposite lane of ts cruz beside ayala alabang is part of Muntinlupa and the other side is Las Pinas? Confusing☺

  16. Joco says:

    Paano kung may friendship laspinas sticker ? Walang coding?

  17. Mae says:

    I’m coming from Daang Hari. Can I pass by commerce ave going to town during your window hours? They said strict sa commerce. Just wanna make sure I won’t get caught

  18. josh says:

    is the window hours still applicable?

  19. Jay Maningding says:

    If I am coming from SLEX tapos going ako sa Azumi Hotel.

    Pwede ako dumaan ng Commerce ave within window hour right?

    Pero tatawid ako ng Alabang-Zapote which does not have window hour. Pwede ba yun?

  20. Seb says:

    may coding ba pag galing ako slex tapos punta ko ng filinvest one building northgate cyberzone

  21. ge says:

    any advice going to atc coming from festival?
    wala po bang other way to go to atc? may window hrs po ba . thanks

  22. JLA says:

    do we need AAVA stickers to be exempted from the number coding or company ID is good enough? thanks!

  23. Mark says:

    Is the 9-4pm window still applicable? Thanks.

  24. John luis reyes says:

    From slex to filinvest have a number coding…Im from batangas and im going to filinvest para sunduin ang aswaq pr almq lang po..tnx

  25. Eric says:

    Hi, im from cupang, muntinlupa. My address is on my drivers liscence. Am I exempted to pass alabang-zapote road during my coding? Thanks

  26. Ghe says:

    From SLEX going to ayala alabang village my coding po?

  27. Vicky says:

    Are senior citizens exempted from the coding scheme?

  28. Abs says:

    Hi I am going to shop at Landers Along Daang Hari… can i pass commerce then turn left to Daang Hari without violating the number scheme ? My number ends at 5. Wednesday.
    Is Daang Hari Road Landers area still Muntinlupa jurisdiction? I am a Muntinluoa residence.

  29. Danz says:

    May coding po ba galing east service to starmall alabang?

  30. May says:

    Hello! We’re Muntinlupa residents. From Starmall to ATC, may coding po ba sa alabang-zapote road? Are we exempted? Thanks.

    • AlabangBulletin says:

      if you’re passing by alabang-zapote road, then you can be apprehended. no windows and no exemptions there. muntinlupa residents are only exempted on commerce ave. number coding.

  31. kristine says:

    i need to go to atc today its my coding but it says here that the coding will only implemented during rush our between 7am to 9 and between 4pm to 7pm i will pass only around 1 pm. So i think there will be no problem with that. Am i correct?

  32. kristine says:

    i need to go to atc today its my coding but it says here that the coding will only implemented during rush hour between 7am to 9 and between 4pm to 7pm i will pass only around 1 pm. So i think there will be no problem with that. Am i correct?

  33. Chel Jardin says:

    Hi! Just to confirm, window hours for Commerce and Alabang-Zapote road is 9:01am-3:50pm.

  34. Chel says:

    I mean 9:01am-3:59pm

  35. Alvin C. Mangoma says:

    I will be coming from toyota, concha cruz exit from BF, i’ll will be crossing alabang-zapote road going to daang hari, huhulihin po ba ako? Thanks!

  36. Mags says:

    do window hours still implemented along commerce ave? just want to confirm. thanks!

  37. Melanie Ambayec says:

    Is this applicable also during holidays?

  38. bernie guiang says:

    friendship sticker hangang saan ang coverage? n exempted ba sa coding? n kung magpapass thru lng sa commerce ave. k lng ba acacia hotel going to commerce center?

    • AlabangBulletin says:

      ts cruz in daanghari to philam village.

      number coding exemption depends on the traffic enforcer who apprehends you but generally, it is not exempted.

      acacia hotel is not part of barangay ayala alabang anymore so number coding does not apply there.

  39. Grace rendon says:

    Goodmorning, howabout exiting toyota bf homes to westgate alabang, by 8pm on monday, is it allowed to travel?

  40. Venz says:

    Commerce center sir/mam mahuhuli bako ngayon kase coding ko.

  41. Jake says:

    Coming from Slex Going to LTO near ATC.
    Is number coding still applicable?

    • AlabangBulletin says:

      Yes, there’s a portion that’s under Barangay Ayala Alabang plus Alabang-Zapote Road.

  42. Patrick says:

    Hi po. Coming fr slex to starmall then vice versa, may huli po ba? Tnx

  43. Aron says:

    9 am po ba hindi na nanghuhuli? Kasi po papunta po kami dfa ngayon.

  44. alen says:

    Hi. Coming from Slex to AtC. Ano oras ako pwede magtravel para walang huli? Thanks!

  45. mike says:

    I am planning to pass along Filinvest Ave (coming from SLEX exit) going to Northgate. Will i be subject for coding if i crossed Commerce ave and Alabang-zapote road (toyota)?

  46. Mariz says:

    Papnta po kami anak q sa RITM from daanghari emergency po kailangan magpaturok mahuhuli po ba aq number coding po aq. Thank u po sa reply

    • AlabangBulletin says:

      yes if you will be passing by commerce ave. but if it is a medical emergency you may be able to.

  47. Emmanuel Magdangal says:

    Hi…sa la salle zobel kase mag aaral ang anak, coming from west service road the turn left na ako sa brigdeway then commerce ave ang way ko…friday kase ang coding but kukuha naman ako ng sticker ng school…will i be exempted? Thanks

    • AlabangBulletin says:

      if you can prove you are from muntinlupa, then you will not be apprehended. and if you have a dlsz sticker, you will also be exempted.

  48. Bryan says:

    Hi im coming from daang hari then pasok po sa commerce ave and madrigal ave. Saang coding scheme po ba belong ang madrigal ave? From bacoor po ako.

  49. Victor says:

    Hi sir, I have a PWD passenger. Will I be apprehended if I pass by Commerce coming from Daang Hari to ATC/DFA?

  50. Brian says:

    Hello. coming from San Pedro via SLEX, exiting Festival, going to Mardigal Business Park (BPI Philam Bldg – Office).. Am i safe?

  51. Brian H. says:

    From San Pedro via SLEX, exiting Filinvest, working in Madrigal Business Park (near Isuzu Alabang). Will I have a problem with the Number Coding?

    • AlabangBulletin says:

      On Commerce Ave., you can just show your company ID with an address in Madrigal Business Park.

  52. Ton says:

    Hi. From sm southmall to slex.. may number coding ba after honda going to snr or southstation? Para mag ext sa felinvest.

  53. mon says:

    going from investment drive to madrigal ave.May coding po ba? thanks po.

  54. Maricor says:

    May coding po ba kung mag mcx exit ako papuntang landers lang? Thanks

  55. RS says:

    I am from las pinas, I had an interview along ASEAN drive and going there, I was flagged down for number coding along alabang zapote road by the MMDA, infront of Honda Cars alabang. According to them, there are no window hours in alabang besides commerce avenue. It was 2:00pm that time and according to the good guard, I can make right instead and head to commerce so he gave me a verbal warning instead. I now work here at ASEAN Drive Alabang and I was wondering if I could still go use alabang-zapote road route turn right to daang hari to proceed to Commerce? My travel hour is around 11-12pm.

    • AlabangBulletin says:

      The MMDA enforcer is right. There is no window along Alabang-Zapote Road. Best to pass Friendship Route.

      • RS says:

        That is best to avoid the alabang area, but in Las Pinas, Traffic officers let Residents pass the las pinas part of Alabang Zapote, when you have a friendship sticker. Also if I choose to use Friendship route during those times, it would be slower because of the road works in Moonwalk area. Anyhow, it would be good to commute instead during that day. Thanks!

  56. tin says:

    hi po.. if from Filinvest Toll going to Insular Life Tower lang may coding po ba dun? Thanks

  57. VHEM says:

    Can you please confirm If technically the whole Muntinlupa City is implementing number coding scheme aside from Commerce Ave.

  58. Patricia Red says:

    is the road coming from Evia to Landers west alabang with color coding?

    • AlabangBulletin says:

      that’s still part of Las Pinas, according to Evia’s official address so there are Las Pinas traffic enforcers there SOMETIMES.

  59. Paulo Rocabo says:

    Good day, I am a student of Perps Las Piñas. My daily route is the alabang-zapote road and/or Commerce Ave, heading or from slex. If there’s a cancellation of class on the same day of my restriction (number coding), can i pass the commerce/alabang-zapote road, or should i wait for the window hour?

    • AlabangBulletin says:

      Best to wait for an announcement of cancellation of number coding but Barangay Ayala Alabang usually suspends when City Hall suspends work and classes.

  60. Raymond says:

    Hello Sir, kindly confirm lang po crossing both Commerce Ave and Alabang-Zapote Road has no coding. I’m coming from SLEX thru Filinvest Ave.

  61. mon says:

    hi,im coming from slex going to atc ,is there coding in the area?

  62. Kaye says:

    Is the penalties and fine mentioned above also apply to Alabang Zappte Road or just Commerce Ave?

  63. Gayle Abelgas says:

    If I’m going to uratex, is there a number coding there?

  64. Chester says:

    May coding po ba from corporate avenue – bridgeway avenue to Northgate?

    • AlabangBulletin says:

      Coverage of Commerce Ave. Number Coding is from Hyundai to Daanghari only (Barangay Ayala Alabang jurisdiction). Thanks.

  65. Nate says:

    I study in Beda Alabang. Will I be exempted if I have sticker of Beda? Thanks in advance!

  66. Terry Gumabao says:

    Im going to Crimson hotel coming from slex exit at filinvest may coding po ba?

  67. Sneakers says:

    Coming from pilar exit ilang ilang gate then daang hari to crimsom hotel 3pm me coding pa po kaya?

  68. marvelyn says:

    i work in commercenter bldg. will i be excempted? Im a freelancer and no ID

  69. john says:

    from frienship rout ts cruz then daang hari to crimson via commerce ave. may coding po kaya?

  70. jedzzz25 says:

    From friendship rout exit ts cruz gate then daang hari to crimsom hotel may windows coding pa po kaya?

  71. bahnski says:

    Kudos to alabang bulletin for answering almost all the questions asked. Kaya lang sana intindihin nung iba yung article. It is clearly stated in the article that alabang-zapote rd is subject to coding without window hours, while part of commerce ave. (and the article also specified which part of commerce ave. is only subject to coding by the BAA) will have window hours. Still people keep on asking questions, kahit alam nilang bawal na, kasi iniisip siguro nila baka makalusot pag sinabi ng alabang bulletin na hindi sila mahuhuli. Geez…

    There are available maps online/thru apps to check your route. If you still do not know where you are going or whether you will be violating the number coding scheme, I guess you should just postpone your appointment/business, and do about it on your non-coding day.

  72. Mhay says:

    If i will be from molino going to festival mall and will pass throung daang hari and commerce ave during window it safe po ba?

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