Hit and Run victim along Alabang-Zapote Road strikes back

We received a letter from a reader this lunch time relating to us an incident he was involved in early this morning.

Apparently, his vehicle was hit by another vehicle but the other party did not stop.

Here is his email in full:

Hi alabang bulletin!

I hope you will publish this because I  want the riding public to know the proper etiquette when  involved in a car accident.

Granted, the damage to my car was small but the headache this driver caused me is priceless!

Anyway, here’s what happened to me earlier today:

I was stuck in a bumper to bumper traffic in alabang zapote road along the alabang hills intersection earlier around 11-11:15 a.m.. I was taking my friend to pacific village, alabang coming from bf homes.

I got stuck in the middle of the intersection because of the torrential rain and was moving slowly when lo and behold, a maroon innova with plate number ZAG 761, driven by some lady, came from alabang hills and was trying to force her car ahead of mine!

she could clearly see I was stuck in the middle but she plodded along and the end result was she bumped my left side causing some damage.

What I did was I advanced my car a couple of meters so as not to aggravate the traffic situation and waited for her and to assess the damage caused but when she reached my spot, she just rolled down her window, exchanged a few words then she just drove away!

The last thing I heard her saying was “It wasnt my fault, and I’m not going to pay for your car because I have some car damage too!”

What kind of stupid reasoning is that? Ang nakakaasar pa dun, kasama nya ang anak nya at hindi man lang sya nahiya! walang modo.

And no matter who’s fault it is that caused the accident, no one should leave the scene of an accident!

That’s called hit and run.

This is a warning na lang din sa mga motorists sa area na yan, baka maaksidente sila involved itong car na ito at takasan din sila.

And I hope she’s reading this because I want her to know that I reported her for hit and run to the Muntinlupa City Traffic Enforcement Unit.


There, whoever knows the owner of the Innova can tell her that she can contact us so that we could air her side.

Please be careful on the road, guys.

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  1. Rosario Someda says:

    You did the right thing, there are so many erring and arrogant drivers along that highway, It happened to my daughter, too! she was once bumped into the intersection of a man riding a brand new car w/ no license plate yet.. When my daughter told him to go together to the nearest police station which is just a few meters away, he evaded and insisted on getting her cell no. w/c my daughter did in good faith. After a couple of days, he harassed my daughter on the cellphone asking for an absurd amount for the damage.. He thought that he can easily harassed anybody, well in fact everything was reported ahead to the police station.. a case of Hit and Run, like yours! It pays to know your rights as a motorist and teach our children the same way, too!

  2. Jem Evangelista says:

    If she came from AHV, maybe the writer can ask help from the guards for the records. I’m sure they have it for sticker purposes. If she’s not from the village, he can check San Beda’s records. One way or another I’m sure it’ll be traceable.