Resident sounds off on Daang Hari traffic

Alabang Bulletin again received an email from one of our readers who wants to know what is being done to lessen the traffic along Daang Hari (leading to Cavite).

We know a lot of you agree with him.

Here is his email in full:

Here I am again to report on the problems of Daang Hari.  Before it was the orange crocodiles acting as Las Pinas traffic enforcers preying on motorists using the Number Coding scheme as a cover.  Now and as before it the condition of the bottleneck portion  at TS Cruz subdivision. 

With the past rains, this portion is now full of potholes causing traffic to slow down to a crawl.  Traffic is backed up all the way,  affecting Commerce Avenue on the Cavite bound side while Alabang bound traffic is backed up until the the Southvale gate.  Our children are late for school and we are late for work.

There seems to be no effort at all by the Las Pinas local government on improving the situation. 

From what I understand, the DPWH has already awarded the contract to a contractor to widen the bottleneck portion.  But there is still some paperwork that has to be done as far as the landowner and the local government is concerned regarding titling and compensation. 

While this red tape is going on, what then has the Las Pinas local government done to at least improve the road condition since last summer?  NONE. 

They had all the time to improve the bottleneck portion last summer.  Yet no activitiy was ever made.  Now that the road condition has gone from bad to worse, they have not lifted a finger at all.  Their only effort is assigning their orange traffic enforcers to use the alternate one way traffic flow style. 

I do not know or do not care who should really be in charge of improving the road condition.  As far as I’m concerned, it is the local government who should take charge of the situation.  Since we are now in the rainy season, putting a new layer of asphalt seems to be out of the question (though it should have been done last summer). 

So again, what is the LAS PINAS LOCAL GOVERNMENT doing to improve the situation for their taxpayers and voters?  At least make the road passable not tomorrow – NOW!

So here we are again, being the conscience of the local governments of Las Pinas, Paranaque and Muntinlupa, publishing this story in the hopes that it will reach the computers of concerned government officials.

Sirs and Mams, please help out your constituents and do something to make their lives easier as you promised when you were trying to get their votes.

Thank you once again to our dear reader who sent this (we choose to not publish your name for security reasons) email and we encourage ALL our readers to write to us as well should they have any complaints or issues they want made known to the public.

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No Responses

  1. Joe Kano says:

    Man I hate those orange shirted brutes… You can be driving from BF Homes Paranaque to Ayala Alabang, and the 1 minute you go through Las Pinas territory is enough to get you pulled over for number coding.

    I’ve taken to just ignoring them, personally. It goes to show that they don’t actually care about the law when they don’t even give chase. They’re just out for an easy money score.

  2. BM says:

    Is this the portion where the road gets narrow from 2 lanes both sides into just 1 lane both sides?

  3. BM says:

    I am actually not aware of this traffic but I am concerned on this coz planning to move in this area.
    The sender says DPWH has already been awarded the contract to expand the area…Is this confirmed or just some story that goes around?

  4. lauren says:

    does posting here reaches the people concerned?