Be careful when biking in BF Homes Paranaque

We got this warning from a friend in our Facebook account:

SOUTHSIDE BIKERS: DO NOT RIDE ALONE in and around BF Homes Parañaque.

Yesterday, someone was beaten up and stabbed in the thigh with an icepick by unidentified bike robbers who then took his bike and helmet.

The robbers were in an old L300 van with no plate number and it happened on El Grande ave. around sunrise. Please pass.

We heard this happened around 6 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. We hope the barangay and homeowners association do something about this too. Tsk tsk tsk.

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  1. kesha marie says:

    Katakot nmn un!!
    Kasi ang BF pagpaparami ng security guards at STICKERS ang inaatupag.Pinapapasok din naman nila ang mga naka-motor,sidecar,at mga naka-bikes na pawang mga taga-labas. Ang mga pedestrians ganun din. Obvious naman na taga-squatter eh pinapapasok pa nila. Stickers lang ng mga sasakyan ang tinitingnan nila.
    Para saan pa security eh Wala nagro-ronda sa mga barangay na sakop ng security ng BF. Sana nalang ipagawa na din nila ang mga kalsada dito kasi ang pangit na. pati mga humps kundi ubod ng taas, sobrang liit naman. Anu ba yan!SAyang bayad sa mga guards.Ngayon may nagnanakaw na ng mga bikes.Pwedeng taga-BF din naman na walang magawa ang gumawa nun. Siguro maganda bawat kanto may guards na pwedeng takbuhan pag gaya niyan may mgakrimen na nagaganap.

  2. Barangay BF Homes says:

    Dear Alabang Bulletin,

    Upon reading your blog and various message posts on Facebook, which by the way did not have specifics as to “when, who, where and what” about the stabbing/robbery incident, we immediately sent our security team to check Barangay BF, Paranaque Police (Police Community Precinct 5 & 6), and UBFHAI security office for blotters. No such incident was reported/recorded in the blotters in any of these three organizations.

    Due to the absence of facts, there is no way we can further establish the veracity of this report. In case you come across similar incidents in the future please ascertain the facts before posting any such report on the internet. In fairness to people who are responsible for security matters in subdivisions or enclaves, citizens reporting crimes must screen the facts carefully so that incidents being posted are supported by facts and if possible with photos taken as evidence the incident really happened.

    We would also like to remind the general public that the Barangay BF Peace and Order office is open 24/7 and can be reached at the following numbers 809-1273/809-8843 for any security concerns.

    Barangay BF Communications

  3. Thank you, Barangay BF Homes for acting on the report. We hope all concerned government agencies were like you. Aksyon Agad!

    About the report, please note that the article came out in our “Sumbungan” section and not in our News section.

    If you are not familiar, our Sumbungan section is where we post our readers and friends’ complaints and reports. That’s why we put where we got them from.

    And about the bikers not reporting the incident, I think if ever you get stabbed, the first thing you would do too is to go to the hospital and not to the police station.

    We think the best solution to these kinds of problems is still prevention which did not happen in this case.

    We just advise everyone to be more careful as incidents like this prove that we now live in a very dangerous world and we are not safe even in our own villages.