Double parking inside BF Resort Village in Las Pinas being frowned upon

Please do not double park here.

This is what one BF Resort Village homeowner in Las Pinas is calling for as he messaged Alabang Bulletin about his complaint regarding double parking inside their village.

In an email sent to just this week, villager Eric John Fernando said he wants to call the attention of the BF Resort Village Homeowners Association to discourage its villagers as well as its visitors to double park along the streets of the Las Pinas subdivision.

He said he had raised this issue already to the BFRV clubhouse as double parking in their street last July 27 made it very difficult to go in and out of their house (which was at a dead end street)

bf double parking

“They said that double parking is illegal and against village rules, so they sent roving security in our area,” narrated Fernando.

He then added that when he arrived home, he saw the roving guard just standing and watching the opening event of one of the pharmaceutical buildings across the street.


When he approached the guard, the guard said “Sir, may space pa naman. May madadaan pa kayo. Magbigayan na lang sir, may event naman. Atsaka sir, nandyan kasi yung clubhouse president sa event.

BFRV clubhouse, ganito na ba talaga palakad niyo and treatment sa member ng homeowners association niyo?” said the exasperated villager.

He told Alabang Bulletin that he is still waiting for the reply of the village president regarding their complaint.

*if you have other “sumbongs” about anything in your villages, cities, streets, please email them to us at and let us all expose them to the proper authorities.

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4 Responses

  1. Plaguez says:

    The complainant is E.J. Fernando and he is from Bulacan renting an apartment inside BFRV, and the street he’s pertaining to is Abel Nosce. He and his wife threatened to smash the windshields of the said cars. Him and his wife has barged inside the said pharmaceutical and shouted at the receptionist accusing them of illegal parking then threatened to break all the windshields of all the cars parked there. The cars that were parked for the opening was there only for a half a day then they were moved to an empty lot, but until today, (03/19/2016) they still complained to the security and threatened to break the windshield of another car owned by a parent of M.O.P.S.student attending the graduation, that was parked near their rented apartment and blamed still blamed it on the pahrma company claiming it’s a company car. The couple is very aggressive and confrontational.

  2. Rolando says:

    It doesn’t matter whether you are a homeowner or just renting the house. Nobody should block their driveways even for a short period of time. Courtesy should always be observed.

  3. William says:

    I’m not surprised to this system. The main concern of the officials of BFRVHAO and securities are to collect different source of fees from the redident.

  4. iosef montano says:

    there is more here in bf resort; at the corner of tecson st. and barcelona st., besides bloomfield academy, the homeowners’ association would not do anything to clean up the place after some homeowner turned it into a dumpsite and fenced the corner lot using scrap materials. the place has turned into a total eyesore and turned into a private use only with total disregard for the safety and cleanliness of other village homeowners. this is a total shame !!!

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