Reform BF Homes Movement holds Senior Health Care for residents

On October 17, 2015, in BF Homes Paranaque, a Facebook group called Reform BF Homes Movement held a forum on Senior Health Care.

Known as one of the biggest community in the planet, BF Homes is viewed as an aging community with roughly 10,000 households.

There was a different story per family, and even became very emotional when participants at the event brought to the table issues ranging from Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, Bipolar Syndrome, and stroke.

But the main focus of the forum was to address concerns dealing with issues of family members who care for their ailing seniors.

Alzheimer’s Disease is a brain defect that does not have a cure as of the moment, and dealing with family members who has Alzheimer’s can be a long, stressful, and emotional journey as they experience and watch their loved ones cognitive and physical abilities decrease within a span of months, weeks, or even days.

A lot of serious psychological trauma and / or stress is being carried by these family members that needs to be addressed.

The goal of this event is to create a strong support system for people who find themselves in this situation.

The next meetings, according to lead Convener Mr. Eduard Blanco, will be held at least once a month in the presence of a clinical psychologist to help guide the family members –the caregiver themselves on how to deal with the day to day exhaustion, burnout, depression and other psychological stress.

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