A botched kidnapping incident in SM Southmall? Click here to find out what happened and why you should never take your eyes off your children in public places

This happened to a friend in SM Southmall.

Please see her post below so you will not be a victim of this:

“Just today at around 4pm, my nephew and i were in line to buy fries at Potato Corner at the foodcourt in SM Southmall. My 5-year-old nephew got bored because the line was long so he started playing and running around the place.

I would call him every now and then but then I would focus my attention back to the Potato Corner ate’s because the fries were taking too long.

When I turned sideways to call my nephew again, I saw him being dragged by the hand by a young lady who was with another young lady and two older women!

I shouted “Bakit mo hinihila nephew ko?!”

She got surprised and let go of my nephew’s arm immediately.

She just said “Sorry ate, nagkamali lang po” and hurriedly walked away because I kept screaming “Bakit hinila mo, ha?!” and I was already causing a commotion.

I was not able to follow them because I was in shock and I was shaking and I couldn’t find a security guard near us.

When I finally saw a guard, I immediately ran to her while dragging my nephew and reported the incident.

Kudos to ate guard because she immediately radioed the other guards to look for the four females, whom I describer as much as I could remember.

Unfortunately, they were not able to find these people because they must have left the mall right away after I caught them.”

She then called on everyone to be alert and be careful and to always keep eye on their children.

“I always thought SM Southmall is safer than other malls but I guess no place is safe these days,” our friend added.

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