No firecrackers in Muntinlupa


UPON the implementation of prior Executive Order No. 15, Series of 2013, a clampdown to pyrotechnics and firecrackers in Muntinlupa during Christmas and New Year season, the Philippine National Police and Muntinlupa City Health Office cited a significant change in casualties.
Statistics of casualties was reduced to almost 50% from 18 injured and 1 death in 2013 to six bodily injured by 2014, according to the PNP and CHO.

To further strengthen the campaign, the Local Council of Muntinlupa passed Ordinance No. 14-092 prohibiting the manufacture, display, sale, distribution, possession or use of firecrackers or pyrotechnic devices and such other similar devices and explosives within city.

Mayor Jaime Fresnedi pushes a firecrackers-free Muntinlupa, suppressing the harmful effects of the use of firecrackers and pyrotechnic devices to health, life, property and the environment.

The local government strengthens its crackdown campaign on explosives that started last year to diminish damages.

Owners of malls and commercial establishments in the city may sponsor a “community fireworks display” provided that organizers secure permit from PNP and Bureau of Fire Protection.

Violators caught with pyrotechnic devices, firecrackers and similar explosives will be charged and fined a minimum of P1,000 to a maximum of P5,000 or imprisonment of one month to six months.

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