Undisciplined motorists lining up in toll gates sets off one motorist; Read open letter to toll management here

Please read a complaint from a Muntinlupa motorist regarding how Filipinos lack courtesy when passing by toll gates and how he sees the tollway management is not doing its part to police them. 
Last December 13, 2014 between 6:30pm & 7:30pm there was a heavy traffic at the SLEX Susana Exit. It was understandable that this happens during holidays, more so during Christmas season.

I was driving from Laguna going home to Muntinlupa as i have a small business in Sta. Rosa which i visit during weekends only since i am also employed in a private company in Makati. So am very familiar of the traffic situation in this area at any given time during the weekend.

Approaching the teller’s booth, what pissed me off was the inability of the Toll Management to control the number of motorists who cut other motorists who endured the line. The Susana Exit from Laguna is composed of only 2 lanes- the leftmost lane is dedicated for Epass holders – tapering at the bridge portion. The tollways management should exercise control for non-Epass holders to avoid the Epass lane. They should penalize those who do for obstruction and do it as a rule – not “ningas-cogon”. Situation like this is a powder keg for road rage.

When i reached the toll teller i was suggesting to let motorists who had paid the ambulant teller use the Epass lane, but i was met by a loud “Ho o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o!!” to drown my complaint. Too bad i throw away my receipt – that could serve to identify the teller.

The “ugaling singit” “magulang” and “bully” is a culture among Filipinos and it is time for us to instill changes in our ways if we want to duplicate the progress of our neighbors, by being disciplined even in obeying traffic regulations. We can begin at the tollways.

To the male toll teller – may you be able to purchase your own vehicle to drive and have the experience of what we’re going through in a situation that could be better handled by a good toll manager.

I suggest MATES to hire an economics or an engineering graduate as toll manager – the candidate should have a better grasp of what is lost and destroyed in heavy traffic .

Thank you & More Power to Alabang Bulletin.

Muntinlupa City


We also hope that this reaches the proper authorities so please help in sharing this.


Thank you to Mr. Jumarang for bringing this topic to us.

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