Woman loses almost P1 million worth of possession to Budol Budol Gang in Muntinlupa mall

Close to P1 million. Let that sink in. Tsk tsk.

A poor woman lost almost P1 million worth of cash and belongings in what is believed to be a “Budol Budol” incident in Muntinlupa yesterday.

According to information gathered from Muntinlupa Police, 52-year-old victim, Jaenchen Delisa, a resident of Filinvest in Alabang was victimized by three female suspects plus a male driver.

According to police, Delisa was in a bookstore in one of the malls in Alabang (will research which mall then update here) around almost 11am when one of the women approached her and pretended to ask for her help.

The suspect introduced herself as a Korean businesswoman and was asking for help in locating a factory in the city and asked the victim to accompany her.

In her statement, Delisa said that another suspect approached them and offered them a ride, saying she knew the location of the said factory.

The victim then went with the two suspects to the factory then was met by the third suspect, claiming she was the manager of the factory.

“We were offered discounts for products we wanted to buy,” narrated the victim.

While on their way back, one of the women was able to convince Delisa to put her necklace, two rings, earrings, a gold bracelet amounting to P930,000 plus her P30,000 cash inside a bag which the victim claimed to have her money as well.

Delisa was then asked to step out of the vehicle with the said bag and was told that she would be picked up again later.

After a couple of hours, the suspects still did not return so she checked the bag and was surprised that it only had two bundles of pad papers — all her belongings gone.

It was then that she reported this to the authorities.

At present, Muntinlupa Police are trying to identify and look for the suspects.

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