No Sticker, No Entry? No problem; The continuing saga of the BF Gates Standoffs

bf standoff

Right or wrong?

Legal or illegal?

As if traffic along the major thoroughfares outside of our own beloved villages is not enough, there is a new addition to the sad game that is traffic.

Blocking of village gates.

Many motorists passing through Alabang Hills found this out the hard way a couple of days ago as one motorist who was not allowed to enter BF Homes Subdivision thought it would be wise to block the gate leading to the Paranaque subdivision (technically, it’s also a Muntinlupa and Las Pinas village).

Apparently, according to sources, the motorist was a BF Homes resident who had an Alabang Hills sticker but no BF Homes sticker.

The move caused many other villagers to lose precious hours due to his or her act.

Amusingly (can mean sarcastic for some) being called BF Gate Standoff by several netizens, the bold act has been done twice the past two months or so.

Many BF residents who were affected by the “standoff” obviously were not happy with both acts but many were also quick to defend them.

Some netizens condemned the village association for not letting actual villagers enter the subdivision and some even went as far as saying that this was an illegal act by the homeowner association.

As we did not study Law in college, we can only report on what happened during the two incidents.

The first one was a motorist who wasn’t allowed to exit the Elizalde Gate because he had no BF resident sticker.

bf standoff 2

So, what does he do?

He blocks the entrance of the gate with his car.

Genius or pure madness? That is up to you to decide.

The latest one, the one above, was in the Alabang Hills Village gate leading to BF.

The usual 5-minute (sometimes even less, except when San Beda vehicle volume causes traffic) road took one hour to traverse, according to those victimized by the BF Gate Standoff.

The last one, we caught in the “We are determined to make BF better” Facebook Page.

It was said that on both occasions, tow trucks and policemen were even dispatched just to move the cars causing the traffic jam.

So is what they’re doing right? Legal? Hey, they live in the village anyway so why not let them go home to their wives and children, right?

They’re probably thinking: “If I can’t go home, then nobody else can.”

Again, who is right here and who is wrong?

You guys be the judge and tell us what you think via the comments section.

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10 Responses

  1. Anne says:

    It took me an hour from BF to get to Alabang Hills because of the motorist who blocked the entrance of the Tirona gate.

    She is absolutely at fault. Rules were made for a reason. She is not above them and what she did was inconsiderate and rude to her fellow motorists who just want to get home after a full day’s work.

  2. edge says:

    i don’t get the point why cars with green (non-resident) stickers from villages that are still within the BF community like Tahanan, Maywood, etc cannot enter nor let alone EXIT via Elizalde gate!!! i would understand why they won’t allow cars WITHOUT ANY BF sticker to go in and out of that gate but not those with stickers… this dilemma is causing even more traffic!

  3. Macintosh Plus says:

    I support the village guards becuase they’re making sure we have legit villagers in our villages.

  4. Sydney says:

    Don’t be an a…h… just follow the rules…very simple rule – no sticker, no entry!

  5. Friendly Neighbor says:

    Home owners of villages pay for a sticker that creates revenue for the association to use for fixing of streets, employees salaries, lights on the road, etc., etc. If no one pays for stickers, then there won’t be any revenue which won’t pay for the said amenities and infrastructures within the village, mainly maintenance for the roads. If ever someone parked their car again in the security area, I hope there would be a policy that the said car can be impounded and there would be more costs for the owner like storage and handling to prevent such matters from reoccurring in the future.

  6. Pinky says:

    bonafide residents know the rules. no one is exempted. these people are feeling entitled … and they caused others to be inconvenienced. how inconsiderate!

  7. Jade says:

    hi, i just have a question. im always instructed by waze to try going to hillsborough (then to don jesus blvd) to enter BF homes via tirona to avoid the traffic in sucat rd. i dont have an alabang hills sticker but i have a BF homes resident sticker. can i pass through this area? thank you very much

  8. Waze says:

    The HOA of every subdivisions within BF should convene and come up of an effective way and solutions to secure the areas and at the same time earn revenues to support particular expenses of respective subdivisions within. It is obvious that such laws and policies you are currently implementing are inefficient and ineffective. Why may ganun, why my ganyan? We’ll ask yourselves about it. Try to fit yourselves to anyone’s shoes for you to understand the situation.

    1. Residents within BF should have unified stickers regardless of subdivisions that could go thro and fro different routes inside BF regardless of entry/exit points.
    2. Residents within BF should have unified car identity say, placards or color-coded stickers of item no. 1 that could be available in the car at all times, whenever, wherever verifications necessitate them.
    3. Decide for the fees and expiration dates. Taga BF kayo di naman siguro kayo nagdidildil ng asin para may makain. Super simple lang ng problem nyo compare to the traffic congestions issues that the national government is facing right now.
    4. For outsiders and passing thrus, without Friendship/BF stickers, collect 5,10,20php upon entry for MCs, light cars, heavy trucks respectively, revenue generation na rin yan. Valid na yan for 24hrs as long as they could show the coupon for that date upon every entry.

    Just a few suggestions. The article I think called for a resolution. Let’s convene our ideas for us to come up with the best solution for the worst problem. Don’t add salt to the wound. Show to the world how great your mind is and not how big your mouth is with all the emotions in it.

  9. franz says:

    bullshit. let the man pass. why make a gate exclusive. if they need income then pay upfront. if he can prove residence let him pass. ano ba pinagtatalo dito isang kotse na resident naman? gago

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