WATCH: Insects found inside a bag of newly-bought breakfast cereal from a Las Piñas supermarket

All they wanted was their honey oats for breakfast.

But they got more. So much more.

Insects. Insects inside their cereal box. That’s what they got.

That’s what villager Roland Poblete and his family discovered when they opened up the box of cereal they bought from the Rustan’s Supermarket in Evia Lifestyle Center along Daanghari just last May 29.

Please see video below:

In his correspondence with Rustan’s via Facebook Messenger, the supermarket apologized for the incident and said they have talked to their operations team already.

They also said they had pulled out the remaining stocks on their shelves and had reported the case to the supplier.

The supermarket then offered Poblete to visit the store again for a refund or to replace the item.

Let this incident serve as a lesson to everyone to check all their purchased items first before consuming them.

Also, may this be a lesson to all suppliers and supermarkets to check what they are selling.

Here’s to hoping Poblete and his family get at least a year’s supply of cereals for their troubles.


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