Number coding along Alabang-Zapote Road now starts at 6:30am? One traffic enforcer thinks so. Watch the video here.

It’s either he doesn’t know how to read a watch or he wasn’t briefed about the number coding hours.

Check out the video of a traffic enforcer along Alabang-Zapote Road who was in his element as he tried to apprehend a vehicle violating the number coding scheme.

The only problem was, it was a couple of minutes before the actual start of the Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program or UVVRP or more popularly known as “The Number Coding Scheme”.

In the video sent to us by the almost-violator (or victim?), you can clearly see the traffic enforcer flag him down.

Screenshot from the driver’s dashcam.

You can also hear the traffic enforcer tell the driver that his car should not be on the road anymore because it was “6:30 na”.

Kudos to the driver for knowing the right traffic rule as he insisted that number coding started at 7am.

“Is there a new coding scheme in the south?” the driver asked us, as he told the story of the traffic enforcer insisting number coding along Alabang-Zapote Road started as early as 6:30am.

The incident happened just after Wilcon Depot heading to Alabang.

The traffic enforcer was wearing a brown uniform and had his motorcycle parked by the road.

“He let me go through the moment he saw my dashcam,” said the driver.

Check out the video here:

He also got the name of the traffic enforcer  who went by the name “Domdomano”.

So it could be either of the two reasons above OR he might know something that we don’t about the new number coding hours.

Although Alabang-Zapote Road is one of the roads that does not implement window hours, our last information was number coding still starts at 7am there.

So be careful when this traffic enforcer flags you down for number coding before 7am.

Know the laws and know your rights.

We hope the Las Pinas City government gets to watch this video and finds out the story why “Domdomano” was flagging down vehicles for number coding violation before the scheme actually starts at 7am.

Drive safely, everyone!

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