Want to join the Overpass Squad?

So what is the Overpass Squad?

We are the residents of Las Pinas, Paranaque and Muntinlupa (okay, anyone can be part of this group) who hate people who don’t use the overpasses along Alabang-Zapote Road and who want to do something about it.

Yes, the overpasses along the major highway of Las Pinas have escalators.  Yes, not all of them work all the time but they are still overpasses.

We tried to look for statistics of pedestrians who were killed while crossing the highway but we were not able to find it. But we are sure that there have been a significant number families who miss their loved ones because they were hit while crossing Alabang-Zapote Road.

So we want to put a stop to that. And the traffic. And the hassle.

How, you ask?

We can stop these inconsiderate and ignorant pedestrians who cross whenever they want to by doing the following:

1. Take their picture and let’s post them here.

2. Everytime we see them crossing near an overpass when we’re in our cars or public transportation, we shout at them and inform them that there’s an overpass nearby.

3. Spread the word about this so people will be afraid to see their pictures online.

4. No, we can’t sideswipe them just to teach them a lesson so we just shout at them.

5. Use the overpasses ourselves. Let’s serve as models. They may be a chore to climb up and down in but it is the right and safer thing to do.

Are you guys game? Let’s save the world! Well, the city first.

How do you sign up? You don’t. You just do those enumerated above:)

Overpass Squad–volt in!

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  1. cum2jr says:

    Overpass cost millions, lets put it into good use. volt in!!!