Ayala Alabang Village renovates its main gate during bazaar season?

A lot of villagers have pointed this out. A lot of non-residents who visit the posh Muntinlupa village had also been complaining of the added hassle that construction of a new guard house along Madrigal is causing when they visit the bazaars in Cuenca.

We don’t know what they were thinking.

For those wanting to visit the bazaar, you can pass through the Acacia gate of Ayala Alabang.

Residents can pass by the Acacia gate, Molave gate and Mindanao gate.

We don’t know up to when the construction of the guard house and road within the guard house will finish but as of our last visit there, it was not even close to 60 percent.

This is just to serve as a warning to people who go there so you can bring a lot of patience with you when you troop to the bazaars in Cuenca.

Hopefully, they finish sooner than soon.

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