Uber and Grab vehicles now have easier access to enter and exit BF Homes Subdivision

Good news for BF Homes residents!

The village has now given access to vehicles under the Transport Network Vehicle Services or TNVS.

Now, all an Uber or Grab driver who needs to pick up someone inside the village has to do is to show the security guard the trip ticket on his phone to prove he is really picking up a passenger inside the subdivision.

Upon verifying the pick up, the guard issues a blue slip.

The driver then asks his/her passenger to sign the blue slip and presents this to the security guard upon exit.

For those bringing in passengers inside the village, the TNVS driver also gets a blue slip after proving he has a passenger to be brought inside the village.

After bringing the passenger to the destination inside BF Homes, the accomplished blue slip can be surrendered by the driver at any exit points in the village.

This is a welcome development as these drivers will not be hesitant in bringing passengers inside and also picking them up.


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  1. Ogie says:

    How about others subdivision with payments?

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