UPDATED: Uber and Grab vehicles now have easier access to enter and exit BF Homes Subdivision BUT…

UPDATED: December 9, 2017

Good news for BF Homes residents!

The village has now given an easier access to vehicles under the Transport Network Vehicle Services or TNVS under some conditions.

Please see below:

  • They are not allowed to pass through the Elizalde and Tirona gates
  • Drivers dropping off a resident a resident passenger must secure a Vehicle Pass from the gate in exchange for a valid government ID
  • Grab and Uber vehicles are not allowed to pass through any of the BF Homes gates to drop off their passengers outside of the village
  • Bringing the Vehicle Pass outside of the village will have a penalty of P500
  • BF residents who book Uber and Grab must inform the driver to let the guards know he/she is picking up someone inside the village and that they should ask for a Vehicle Pass to be filled up by the passenger and to be presented at the gate where they will be exiting — guards do not have to ask for the driver’s valid ID since there is a blue slip already) — the driver can also show the trip ticket on his cellphone
  • Drivers who have just dropped off passengers are not encouraged to pick up another passenger inside the village as they would still have to go through the gate where they entered
  • A Vehicle Pass is for dropping off a passenger while a Blue Slip is for picking up a passenger



Uber and Grab drivers as well as residents are encouraged to know and follow the guidelines.


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10 Responses

  1. Ogie says:

    How about others subdivision with payments?

  2. gol. d ash says:

    boss hindi pa yata na oorient mga guards sa bf nanghihingi parin ng i.d eh

  3. James DC says:

    This didn’t work out this morning as detailed in your article. We took an Uber to go inside BF Homes, we entered via the gate at Aguirre, I asked our driver to show the guard our current booking from his app, the guard asked him for his ID/license because, according to him, they only issue the blue slip for drivers picking up riders from within BF.

    I told the guard that was not the information given to the public. He insisted on getting the driver’s license. Our driver told him he already has accepted another booking from within BF which he needs to pick up right away after dropping us off, the guard asked to see that booking but said it was impossible since we haven’t been dropped off yet. The guard started raising his voice and become arrogant. He even went as far as telling me in a loud voice, “EH HINDI KA NAMAN PALA RESIDENTE!!!” to which I called his attention and said is there an issue if I’m not a resident of BF Homes? I told him he was being bastos, he then shouted that I’m the one being bastos!

    At that point, I just asked our driver to give his license so we can proceed and not cause further delays for cars behind us. I also told our driver to remind his next passenger that he surrendered his driver’s license at the Aguirre gate.

    It was so frustrating to have this new policy and not have the guards fully informed. Kindly help us understand if we were correct to remind the guard of this new policy or if the blue slip really only applies to riders being picked up from within BF and not for those being dropped off. It’s really confusing and I feel it’s unnecessary to receive that kind of treatment over this confusion. Thank you

  4. Emil says:

    FYI guards at bf homes only give out blue slips if and only if we are to pickup passengers inside provided he/she is a resident of bf homes if not they dont give blue slips and if we are to drop off passengers inside they still get our license, so this information I think is misleading or maybe confusing to us drivers at the village security! Hope there is a clarification on this issue thanks!

  5. Huss says:

    I just had a similar situation today. I’m an Uber driver. Guard at entry insisted they give only a blue form when picking up a rider inside BFHAI. Guard at exit says the same thing. So I have to travel to and from Southville International School and Colleges. Homeowners knew that this is their policy as the guards said. Tsk tsk

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