Traffic enforcers the cause of traffic in Paranaque?

Once again, a concerned citizen of Paranaque City sounded off on the “real” reason why it’s traffic in the many parts of the city.

Here is her email:

Hello, the reason why the traffic around Bicutan interchange gets heavy because the traffic aids or enforcers there don’t know a thing about monitoring the traffic.

As a matter of fact, it would be better if they just disappear since they are the ones that cause the traffic.

The other day, it being a holiday, Nov. 30, the bicutan interchange was quite light but because those traffic aids were there, the line of vehicles in the west service road going towards bicutan was about 2 kilometers long.

You know why, because those guys stop the traffic which was absolutely unnecessary. We are happy without the number coding – we are miserable having those traffic enforcers in Bicutan.


There. We do hope that Paranaque City Hall does something about this too to ensure smooth flow of traffic in the city.

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  1. deo says:

    thank you so much for your concern about the worsening traffic in bicutan interchange. but please allow me to explain.

    the primary cause of traffic particularly dona soledad, east & west service roads and the bicutan interchange are the following:

    a)trucks weighing 4.5 kgs and above coming from different surrounding municipalities making use of dona soledad streets as their ingress and egress route going to c-6;
    b)none implementation of truck bans;
    c)none implementation of the numbering code;
    d)repairs by different government agencies to improve our basic needs like water, electricity and telecommunications;

    these problems were already addressed through the efforts of different government agencies concerned and the Skyway O&M Corporation.

    Additional traffic enforcers at the bicutan interchange where increased, color coding scheme is now being implemented and trucks weighing 4.5 kgs are not allowed to pass dona soledad street and truck ban violators are being issued TOPs’.

    As observed traffic situation is now normal.

    Rest assured that everything is being done to ease traffic flow at Bicutan Interchange

    God Bless…

  2. Sucat Motorist says:

    In Sucat, the enforcers turn a blind eye to jeepneys crowding perennial bottleneck areas:
    Lopez, San Antonio Valley, Evacom, etc.

    Jeepneys love to stop for passengers in the middle lane to get undue advantage to the the more behaving jeepneys stopped at the right most lane for this purpose.

    Traffic enforcers just continue waving their hands without really accosting these hard headed jeepney drivers. And then turn their back away when the cars start to chorus their blare of horns in disgust.

    A small talk with these traffic enforcers will reveal them admitting themselves that they are afraid do flog down jeepney drivers for violations as the jeepney drivers would more often than not react with threats. The more educated private drivers are more courteous and easier to deal with. Hence, traffic enforcers are “encouraged” to industriously cite private vehicles (number coding?) and just let go of the hard headed jeepney drivers.

    So, is number coding for private vehicles indeed the solution to heavy traffic?

  3. motorist-west service road says:

    I agree, PUJs are the main cause of traffic on the service roads. They don’t only stop for a passenger or 2 to get in, they park to fill up the seats right under the no loading and unloading signs on each intersection along the road causing private cars to try to overtake. These signs paid by taxpayers are being ignored. The traffic enforcers are powerless to these inconsiderate jeepney drivers. These enforcers will even find a way for the private vehicles to overtake instead of making the PUJs blocking the intersections move. Are they being given ‘lagay’ to let jeepneys get away with it? Something should be done about this. Implementing number coding on the svc rd will not resolve the traffic issue, the jeepneys should go if they cannot follow simple signs on the road.

  4. jason steve bundag says:

    It is simply pointless having traffic enforcers if they apply one rule for one and one for another, Jeepney drivers are the worst and most undisciplined on the roads, followed by Bus and taxi drivers.

    How can traffic enforcers allow passenger carrying jeeps to travel on our roads at night with no lights, worn out tires, no flasher units working, no break lights working. These death traps need removing from the roads and impounded until the owners get them road worthy. I would tell all Filipinos not to get in a jeepney at night if it has no lights….it is a potential coffin on wheels…..I would also ban any jeepney driver for blocking intersections, stopping in the middle of the road to pick up passengers…..a P5,000 fine would teach them a lesson. Its time the full force of the law came down on bad drivers, that is the ONLY way we will keep traffic moving.

    Jeepney drivers / bus drivers will always use the lame excuse that they have to earn a living….nothing wrong with that…but earn a living safely, within the road regulations and have consideration for other road users.

    The Philippines is trying to attract foreign tourists…what will they think when they see unroadworthy jeeps / buses on our roads, what will they think of the horrible noise these jeeps make, and the smoke they belch out….Simple answer…they will not come back here. WAKE UP MMDA…ENFORCE THE LAW TO EVERYONE