Number coding to be implemented in certain areas in Paranaque. Find out where here.

The City Council has approved the lifting of the suspension of the number coding in certain parts of Paranaque starting Dec. 1, 2011.

This developed after Councilor Rico Golez filed Resolution No. 158 lifting the suspension of the Unified Vehicle Volume Reduction Program (UVVRP) or the number coding scheme on certain roads in the city.

The resolution, according to Golez, is a reply “to the sudden increase in the volume of traffic along the Bicutan area causing  horrendous traffic along the Bicutan Interchange.”

The areas affected are the following:

1. San Antonio Ave., Pres. Aguinaldo St., Dominique Savio St., Michael Rua St. and France St. in Barangay Don Bosco

2. E. Rodriguez St. in Barangay Moonwalk, Dona Soledad Extension and Dona Soledad Ave. in Barangay Don Bosco.

3. East Service Road from Dr. Santos Ave. up to FTI Paranaque area

4. West Service Road from Dr. Santos Ave. up to Merville Park Subdivision (Paranaque area).

There. This is so everyone will be informed. The city government, according to our many readers, did not or has not informed the public so surprise!

There will be window hours of 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., according to Paranaque public information office chief Lloyd Palconan.

Please pass this around so that we won’t be blind-sided by MMDA people and city traffic personnel.

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  1. Romy Camacho says:

    good to know that there some kind of like this (Alabang Bulletin). thanks! i’m from Parañaque.

  2. Pilar Quintos says:

    Hello, the reason why the traffic around Bicutan interchange gets heavy because the traffic aids or enforcers there don’t know a thing about monitoring the traffic. As a matter of fact, it would be better if they just disappear since they are the ones that cause the traffic. The other day, it being a holiday, Nov. 30, the bicutan interchange was quite light but because those traffic aids were there, the line of vehicles in the west service road going towards bicutan was about 2 kilometers long. You know why, because those guys stop the traffic which was absolutely unnecessary. We are happy without the number coding – we are miserable having those traffic enforcers in Bicutan. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

  3. Athena Geraneo says:

    We’re all complaining about all these traffics and I think this is one of the best solutions to respond to this issue which is to lessen the number of vehicles.


  4. Jopen says:

    i just got confused about the subject and the news itself.

    in the title it says – number coding to be implemented…

    in the body it says – has approved the LIFTING of the number coding in certain parts

    ano ba talaga kuya… sana pareho na lang… LIFTING kung LIFTING….

  5. Jopen says:

    the body should have said – the suspension of the number coding has been LIFTED and therefore being implemented again…

    pasensya na po, nakakalito sa mga taong hindi alam ang background at hindi taga Pque…

    now you (i) know… salamat po…

  6. Ralph says:

    Number coding implementation will only decrease the number of vehicles, this will not help that much if traffic enforcers are not trained well to perform as expected. There should have been a study on why there’s heavy traffic and not trial and error.

  7. Jim says:

    Thats good to hear but in my opinion the problem are the trucks. Since the increase in toll they take short cuts in service road which saves them money. Thus traffic in bicutan. Ban them and it will be better

  8. Tony Alarcon says:

    Kaya Matrafic sa Bicutan Dahil kumikita ang mga trafic enforcer, pagmasadan nyo di balance ang pag pa pa “GO” nila mas matagal ang sa west service rd., kc may mga caller doon at sa may SM ang daming mga ng tatawag kahit may loading at unloading bay sa may kalsad parin sila ng sasakay at nag baba at sa may mis mong exit pa ng SM sa may tapat ng tollgate di ba nakikita ng mga guardiya ng SM ang mga yon at mga trafic enforcer ng PNCC ng bulag bulagan cla dahil nata pipiringan sila ng “TONG”

  9. Noy says:

    Di kaya pinapatrapik talaga ng mga traffic enforcers ang Bicutan, Service Roads, Soledad etc. para mapilitan kang pumasok sa skyway at slex? Nagtatanong lang po. 🙂

  10. demet says: