The Real Philippine Thrill

Go beyond the sights and sounds of Philippine destinations and dive into wild adventures that are absolute must-do

The way many people see traveling has shifted from simple sightseeing and culinary excursions to adding exhilarating adventures to their itineraries.

The information shared on various social and media platforms has encouraged even the most reserved travelers to turn into youthful daredevils.

Add to this the natural curiosity and desire of people to try new, exciting things, oftentimes unique to the destination, propelled the popularity of adventure tourism. The Philippines, blessed with beautiful islands, majestic mountains and rich, healthy environment, has plenty of unique travel thrills to offer.

From basic introductory to extreme levels of spirited endeavors on land, sea and air, the Philippines has something for all types of thrill-seekers. Online adventure travel and tour company, e-Philippines Adventure Travel and Destination, is busy year round bringing local and foreign tourists to different regions in the Philippines for one ultimate goal – to discover and re-discover the beauty of the Philippines in the coolest way possible.

Founder and lead guide of e-Philippines, Russell Ri, shares to us where to explore, what to experience and how to enjoy a country with 7,107 islands as a playground.

“You have to add fun challenges in your plans can enrich the quality of travel experience with your family, friends and kids. It lets you bond with nature and your loved ones in a most fulfilling and freshly liberating way,” says Ri.

And the best part is, you can plan your trip with zero frills. This R&R comes in packages that include transportation, meals, activity fees, and accommodation.

“You don’t have to rough it out and do extensive research to have this kind of ultimate vacation in the Philippines. The demand for adventure tours has increased tremendously, and we have responded by offering flexible and personalized packages to suit every traveler’s need and budget.”

The only concern you’d have to worry is to, literally, choose your own adventure.


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