Yuletide Yummies for Sale!


Christmas season is just around the corner, but with the hard times, gift giving is the last thing in our minds. Though we have to admit that we cannot avoid doing so because of our culture, perhaps? Or that, it simply feels good to be able to give presents.

As early as now, get ready for the season to avoid impulsive, rushed and tiring Christmas shopping only to buy gifts that are common and expensive.

On this note, may I suggest the packages specially prepared by Yuletide Yummies

Below are what we offer:


    •Adobo Flakes – A Filipino traditional food made from pork, garlic, vinegar and spices, flaked to a crisp. Totally delicious!

    •Calamansi Marmalade – Philippine lemon made into a delicious marmalade.   Taste the sweet, sour and tangy goodness with toasted butter bread.      

    •Spanish Olives – A delicious Spanish-Filipino appetizer or side dish made from pickled olives with shallots, lemon and spices in pure extra virgin olive  oil.        

    •Café Norte – A perfect blend of Arabica and Robusta ground coffee that is organically grown in the cool mountainous region of the North.      

    •Polvoron et Chocolate – Made from powdered cow’s milk and coated in dark and white chocolate. Comes in different special flavors such as Cookies n’ Cream, Pinipig, Cashew Nuts etc.      

    • Lengua de Gato – Crunchy strips of Carabao’s milk, sugar and eggs.

    •Chicharon – Sun dried and deep-fried crunchy pork rinds, salted without MSG.

    •Banana Chips – Golden slices of Philippine bananas crisped in sugar.

    •Dilis – Sun dried then crisped spicy, sweet and salty Dilis.


Prices range from P150 to P1000 and all are packaged in beautiful sinamay pouches or lined baskets from Bicol. (See attached for pictures)   
These gifts are perfect for friends and families, your business contacts, your children’s teachers and everyone else!  
For your orders, please text 09189482008 or send me an email at this address. 

Yuletide Yummies is a project of nine Agustinian friends who have a common love for Filipino treats. They decided to gather their personal favorites and offer them to others to enjoy. All the ‘treats’ are made from the finest ingredients and packed in beautiful and perfectly reusable native bags and fully lined jute boxes. What’s more, part of the proceeds will go to different livelihoods in Manila, Apayao, Albay and Biñan. Not only will you making the recipient happy but also the less fortunate but hardworking  Filipinos. Now that is what Christmas is all about! 

Yuletide Yummies are unique gifts that all will enjoy. It is not available in any store, only through our multiply site www.yuletideyummies.multiply.com or through this email. You may also contact me personally for questions regarding the products.

Thank you and advance happy holidays!

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