Skyway management clarifies conflicting statements about Skyway speed limit

So there was an image that circulated online recently about Skyway enforcers apprehending and fining motorists going over the speed limit on Skyway  which got everyone confused because the copy on the post was not consistent with the Speed Limits reflected on the Toll Regulatory Board’s website (

Please see photos below:

Credit to the owner.

Speed Limits from the TRB website:

As you can see, from the photo shared by a Netizen, it says that motorists going over 80kph on Skyway will be apprehended while the TRB website says otherwise, placing the Skyway speed limit for “Cars” at 100kph.

*we have heard of actual stories from drivers who were really apprehended as they went over the “new” speed limit on Skyway

So there was a lot of debating (and hating) going on online.

So we reached out to our friends from the Skyway Management and this is what they had to say:

“Please be advised that NORMALLY (all caps care of Alabang Bulletin, for emphasis), Skyway Speed Limits are as follows:

Minimum Speed – 60kph (all vehicles)

Maximum Speed – 80kph (for Class 2 vehicles, i.e. Bus) and 100kph (for Class 1 vehicles, i.e. Cars)

These speed limits are also posted in TRB’s website.

Due to the lane enhancement (additional one lane), construction of median separator/barriers and on-going construction of the Skyway Extension, the management decided to lower TEMPORARILY the speed limits to 60kph during this enhancement programs FOR THE SAFETY OF THE MOTORING PUBLIC.

On the other hand, Skyway Stage 3 is strictly enforcing the 60kph speed limit due to on-going construction of the median separators/barriers and other toll road facilities which will then greatly enhance and provide safety and convenience to all motorists.”

So there, neighbors. They have spoken. Perhaps, consider this as one of their official statements regarding this issue. Well, not really, but we got this from their Customer Care department (who was very helpful as they actually reached out to the concerned department for clarification).

If you have questions for them or if you want to clarify this matter, you can send them an email at or you may call them at 5-318-TOLL (8655).

So we hope this settles it. We hope TRB can put this in their site as well or that Skyway Management issues a Press Release of some sorts. Or they can update the Speed Limit signs (not sure if they are).

On our part, let us just follow the latest speed limits. This is temporary AND for our safety anyway.

Most probably, the regular speed limits will be imposed again once all repairs have been completed.

‘Wag mag-madali. Lahat naman tayo ay makakarating sa ating mga pupuntahan. Sumunod na lang po tayo sa batas.


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