Accident Waiting To Happen: Be careful when passing this stretch of Daanghari

Do you pass by Daanghari Road (Las Piñas part) often?

Then this post might save your life/lives. Okay, OA, maybe a few thousands of Pesos for car repairs.

But seriously, always be alert when passing this area. A netizen who requested anonymity (Hi, Jing — not his real name) told Alabang Bulletin that he had been witness to several accidents involving vehicles who are not familiar with the area.

What area along Daanghari, you ask?


Daanghari Northbound, between Evia and Alabang West malls.

Given the layout of the road, motorists from the inner lane would normally assume that vehicles in the outermost lane will go straight to the road on the right.

Here lies the rub — most often than not, these vehicles don’t turn right and continue on to the main road, resulting into collisions.

The netizen sent photos of another accident in the area just this morning (please also check out the video below):




In our observation, what can be done here are the following:

1. A road sign informing motorists about the diverging roads (not so sure if area has one or two or three for good measure)

2. A traffic enforcer manning the area

3. Another road sign telling motorists to slow down

4. A traffic light just to emphasizw the road signs

5. Motorists need to slow down upon reaching this area


So again, neighbors — please be careful when passing this portion of Daanghari Road. We are not sure who is responsible for this area and if our observations and suggestions are accurate. Please feel free to comment should you have other suggestions.

For now, drive safely neighbors!

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