Satisfy your Filipino Cravings with SM Southmall’s Festive Food Choices!

This week, Department of Tourism and SM Supermalls celebrate the flavors of the Philippines and there’s no better way to feast than through a salu-salo with your closest friends and family.

Here’s a rundown of the most mouth-watering dishes in the South:

  1. Zubuchon

Flying to Cebu to get a taste of the best lechon is now a thing of the past as Zubuchon opened a branch in SM Southmall. Try their sizzling lechon – a twist on a classic favorite!


2. Gerry’s Grill

Whether you like yours with mayo or no mayo, the Filipinos’ love for sisig is irrefutable and Gerry’s Grill has served 10 million of these already over the years.


3. Blackbeard’s Seafood Island

 For extreme seafood bonding, try Blackbeard’s Seafood Island’s Garlic Seafood Delight Boodle. Garlicky, grilled goodness!


4. Kuya J Restaurant

For a more casual dining experience, go to Kuya J’s. Their deep-fried crispy pork skin with tender juicy pata meat will make you order another round of rice.


5. Mesa Filipino Moderne

Sinigang is always a Filipino comfort food. Mesa Filipino Moderne however has a unique take on the classic sour dish – adding some sweetness to it with pineapple. The somewhat odd pairing makes for a fresh take on sinigang!


6. Hukad sa Golden Cowrie

A feast isn’t a feast without pancit in it. Try Hukad’s Pancit Habhab loaded with seafood and veggies.


7. Maxi Mango

Mango desserts, whether served on its own or with condensed milk, are always popular in the Philippines. Maxi Mango’s deconstructed mango graham dessert with ice cream is definitely a crowd favorite.


Malling is made even more fun in the Philippines when you have these tasty favorites nearby! For more information, visit @SMSouthmall on Facebook and Instagram.


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