Riding in Tandem Budol Budol Gang possibly roaming the streets of Las Pinas villages

Let us all be vigilant and let all our relatives and friends know about this incident.

In a letter obtained by Alabang Bulletin, it was found out that an elderly resident in Sta. Cecilia Village in Las Pinas was almost a victim of the scary Budol Budol Gang — this time, they were also “riding in tandem” as authorities say.

“While I was doing my gardening in the afternoon of May 24, a man in a motorcycle stopped in front of my house to ask where my youngest is. In return, I gave him a random name which he confirmed that he knew and is hoping to invite him to his wedding. When I told him that ‘he’ is not around, he asked for my eldest. Again, I gave another random name which he again confirmed his knowledge of by saying “Oo, sha ‘ho”. I asked for his name and he gave a name of ‘Rowell Dela Cruz’. He even mentioned him living in Sta. Cecilia as well. He wants to give me cash as ‘pasalubong’ because he claims that he just came home from Canada for the wedding. He even tried to trick me asking if I have any Gold to pair with the cash but with presence of mind, I was able to push him off by placing a call to the Security/Tanod number, and then he drove away,” said the Las Pinas resident who we shall keep anonymous for security reasons.

This incident happened around the last week of May.

After the encounter, the alert villager immediately told her grandson about it.

The grandson said that he did not know anyone named “Rowell Dela Cruz” and he reached out to the guard or tanod nearest their house.

After rewinding the CCTV footage, they saw that the motorcyle riders stuck close to a vehicle entering the village, thus, avoiding being checked by the guards at the village entrance.

Also on the CCTV, they saw that the two men still went around the village after the encounter with the first villager, presumably to look for other victims.

The senior citizen then called on the village security to be stricter not only with regular cars but even so with motorcycle riders entering their village.

“While I have given instructions to my family to be vigilant for similar cases, we are still relying on our first line of defense – the security guard/tanod on duty. In this lifetime, we cannot guarantee the goodness of every person knocking on our doors. Often, bad things happen due to this tactic. And we could prevent it by ensuring thorough checking of anyone coming in and out of our village is done regularly,” expressed the elderly villager.

She also called on other villagers as well to keep their guards up and explain to everyone in the household how to avoid being victimized by the dreaded Budol Budol Gang.

The villager was lucky she was not attacked by the two men.

We enjoin all village securities to strengthen security especially at the point of entry of all villages.


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  1. Bobby de Guzman says:

    There is a clear BREACH OF SECURITY that needs to be improved.

    The Security Departments or Agencies in charge should define an IRON CLAD solution to this security problem not only for Alabang Villages but for all communities in the whole of Metro Manila, Luzon, Visayas. Mindanao.

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