Problems with BF Homes tricycle drivers? Check out list of updated violations and how to report them.

In line with recent complaints against the village tricycle drivers, the BF Federation Homeowners Association, Inc. last week came out with a memo on the updated fines and penalties for tricycle drivers in the subdivision.


In a resolution addressed to all villagers as well as the tricycle operators inside the village (BF TODA, LTSODA and DASATA), BFFHAI security chairman Orlando Batistil enumerated certain violations and fines to be meted to erring drivers as well as operators.


Among the violations mentioned were discourtesy/arrogance to passengers, driving without license or expired license, driving under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal drugs, driving while using their mobile phones, No BFFHAI ID, no proper uniform and wearing only slippers, smoking while driving and urinating in public places.


In connection with this, the village association also identified certain violations relating to the condition of the actual tricycle unit.


Some of the violations are the following: driving dilapidated tricycles, covering the body number, installed advertising banners, loud mufflers/no silencers, loud music/speakers, no light inside the sidecar or non-functioning signal lights, tail lights and/or headlights, no fare tariff displayed, smoke belching, torn or ripped seats and tarpaulin cover and lack or crush guard.


Some traffic violations identified were beating the red light, counterflow, tailgating, swerving and reckless driving.


Also included in the violations are expired Tricycle Regulatory Office stickers and tampered and/or fake BFFHAI stickers.


Other violations mentioned in the resolution were illegal back rides, illegal terminal parking, denying senior citizens and students fare discounts, overloading of passengers and refusing to take a passenger without a valid reason.


For the penalties, tricycle drivers would have to pay P500 for their first offense, P700 for their second offense and P1,000 plus a one-week suspension for both the driver and the tricycle unit for third offense and banned entry inside the subdivision for six months for the fourth offense.


Drivers who fail the drug test will be banned for one year.


BFFHAI started implementing the resolution last May 14, 2015.


Villagers may report violations by calling 807-3115, 0905-2124167, 0939-7717141 or 0929-5356212.



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2 Responses

  1. Vhenise Andres says:

    Tama po bang singilin ako ng 12 ng Bf Dasata Tricycle driver ? Sumakay po ako ng jakarta nakita ko na po agad ung sundo ko bumaba ako ng alfamart dyan sa bf singil nya ako agad ng 12 . Hindi nga ako nakalayo dun sa part ng sinsakyan ko. Tama po ba ito? DASATA 581 yan ung tricycle na naniningil ng 12.

    • AlabangBulletin says:

      I think distance does not matter when asking for fare. Once you get on the tricycle or any other public transportation, you need to pay the regular fare of your original destination.

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