Another Bukas Kotse Gang incident at Chowking/Jollibee Molito in Alabang

A reader again called our attention regarding another Bukas Kotse Gang incident at the Molito Complex in Alabang.

Here is the actual email:

We went to Chowking(in Molito Madrigal Oct. 22, 2011 7:00AM) to have breakfast. We Parked our car in front of Chowking, then we ate.

When we came back to the car, we noticed our belongings(Iphone-Blackberry-Doppler-5000pesos) are gone. When we arrived the car park is full, when we are about to leave the only car left is ours.

I approached the manager of Chowking and asked if they have a CCTV, He said they don’t have one and they don’t also have their own security guard. 

Afterwards we proceed to the police station to file a report, we have learned that there are similar reports that have been filed already.

What is wrong in the picture here again? You tell us. The fact that there was no guard in the establishment? The fact that there is no CCTV in the area or the fact that this has happened again and again?

See similar story here.

If the establishments are not doing what they should be doing for their customers, let us just all be careful when eating in that area in Alabang. Or just visit other outlets that can give you the security that we as customers deserve.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    With lots of incident happend like that, they should had placed more security in that area. How come the police didn’t even assigned someone to patrol in that area? And isn’t that ayala alabang’s area? They should be aware of it….

  2. randy says:

    or don’t leave valuables in sight inside your car…

  3. Rowman says:

    What the heck…We were victimized by this same syndicate this time at the west service road Alabang Hills Exit Total Station. It was my wife, around 6:45am waiting for the Mercury store to open, since it will be a quick buy, she just took 500 pesos from her bag and left the bag on the car floor and locked the car, to her surprise when she was already halfway home, she noticed her missing bag. She lost all her credit cards, iphone and 10K cash. We asked about the CCTV of the establishment but nothing gained here, lacking the security cam coverage. And for all we know there’s a polce detachment adjacent to Total, we reported the crime and they just said gawa yan ng mga bata na galing sa slum areas. And you know what happened just yesterday we got a call from 7-11 in edsa that they have the credit cards/atm cards of my wife all intact, they just took the money, iphone and the bag. What puzzles me if my wife locks the car how can they open it without force entry…Is a frequency scanner being used by this syndicate then no one is same anymore…