Philam Village warns residents from Dengue

The Philam Village Homeowners Association, Inc. last week enjoined all their residents to be more careful and aware of their surroundings as five cases of dengue were reported to their office recently.

Aside from the Community Assembly it organized in cooperation with Barangay Pamplona Dos captain Baby Villalon wherein they discussed the perils that dengue may cause, the homeowner association also enumerated some breeding places for mosquitoes carrying the dreaded disease.

Some of the breeding places identified were old tires, empty bottles, cans, plastic and styro containers as well as tansans, drums, vigan jars, roof gutters, canals, plants that can hold water for a long period of time like bromeliads and banana, ponds that don’t have fish and frogs and unmaintained swimming pools.

According to PVHA president Atty. Romeo Pulido, an ocular of all households will be done starting today to identify and eliminate these potential breeding places.

“Let us all cooperate in this endeavor for the safety of our villagers,” said Pulido.

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