Our NBI Muntinlupa experience

So we’re lucky that we have a satellite NBI Office in our own city.

Read below to find out the steps on how to get your own NBI Clearance.


As NBI is trying to rid of producing actual forms, everyone is now being asked to fill up the application form online via this website, NBI Clearance Form.

You will have an option to pay online as well but of course there will be additional processing fees if you do it online.

Best to get the option of paying at the actual NBI office in Starmall Alabang. This is located at the third level.



The best time to visit is early in the morning so line won’t be too long and you can get your NBI Clearance within the day if you’re lucky and have no hits.

The office is open from 7:30am to 5pm, although I heard they sometimes go overtime to serve most of the people present during the day.

If you can’t print out any confirmation emails or forms from your online application to their website, please take note of your reference number as this will be very important and will be asked by NBI Muntinlupa officials to confirm that you have registered online.

With our reference numbers on hand (we weren’t able to print it out), we proceeded to the NBI Satellite Office in Starmall Alabang.

We arrived a little after 1pm and upon entering the office, was met by a very jolly NBI Muntinlupa staff. We forgot her first name but we think her surname was Aguilar.

She excitedly, and without any hint of exhaustion, asked us what we needed and upon telling her, instructed as to fall in line.

The line outside reached the road where the cars were parked but we got inside the office after around 20 to 30 minutes.

This line is for data encoding.

Don’t worry about getting tired as once you get inside, there will be allotted seats for those they let inside.

If you haven’t paid yet (you can actually do this before you line up), you can ask your “seatmates” to reserve your slot then you can pay for your application at the Cashier window.

Fee is P115. Please do not forget to bring at least two valid government IDs.

If you opt for the online payment, your payment may range from P140 to P165.


Line inside took around another 20 minutes before being called for data encoding.

Here, you will let the officer know about your reference number.

They will then proceed with taking your photo, your fingerprints as well as your signature.

This will take around 3 to 5 minutes.


If you’re lucky and do not have a “hit” on their system, then you will be asked to go to Window 1 for you to claim your NBI Clearance.


We unfortunately got a “hit” and was asked to go back a week after. Bummer.

We went back a couple of days ago and again, was unfortunately advised to visit their main office along UN Ave. for an interview for that hit.

Personally, I would prefer that they just SMS or email people with “hits” who actually need to go to the main office. This was such a waste of time and money.

Overall, it was a hassle-free experience. The staff were very helpful and entertained all our questions as well as those of others (yes, we eavesdropped).

Oh, please dress appropriately as they do not let people wearing shorts, sandals and slippers process their NBI Clearance.

Please feel free to share your own experiences.

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