Las Pinas shooting victim’s identity revealed; Motive and suspect still being determined

The shooting victim from the Las Pinas incident from yesterday has been identified.

Dead on the spot yesterday afternoon was 47 year-old Gregoria Sugita, a resident of BF Homes.

Victim was identified as Gregoria Sugita of BF Homes.

Sugita was said to be crossing Alabang-Zapote Road from BF Homes (Concha Cruz) to Wilcon Depot together with her 18 year-old son when she was suddenly shot by a man on a motorcycle.

The incident took place around 4pm and caused a bit of traffic in the area.

Las Pinas police were quick to arrive in the area to try to sort things out.

SWAT members and an ambulance were also seen in the area.

The son of the victim was not hurt.

The suspect fled quickly after he shot Sugita. He was seen wearing white shirt and a black helmet.

Many netizens reached out to Alabang Bulletin after the incident letting us know that there was a motorcycle that was hit by a taxi cab around that time in the vicinity of the crime scene but fled even though he was hit, prompting the people nearby to think this was the suspect.

They then called on the police to investigate the CCTV of BPI Family Bank and nearby establishments to see whether the motorcycle rider had the same description as the suspect.

The police are now looking for leads as well as trying to find out what the motive is for the killing.


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