Gone in 30 seconds; Salisi Gang strikes in BF again

Less than 30 seconds.

This is how quick your bag can be taken from inside your car.

A resident was once again victimized by the Salisi Gang inside BF Homes Paranaque as her bag was stolen from inside her car while waiting for her sister to get their milk tea take out.

Might as well called the “Lagay Susi Gang” or “Payong Gang”, watch how the suspects move with precision as they commit the crime in a matter of seconds.

According to the Facebook post of the victim, Jules Quevedo, she was inside her car waiting for her sister when a man knocked on her window and shouted that there was something behind her car.

Man calling the attention of the driver about a key on her fender. Please click on the photo to see CCTV footage of the incident.

You can also click on this to see one angle of the CCTV footage: https://www.facebook.com/jules.quevedo/videos/10156071718213512/

“I thought maybe my sister dropped something or my truck got hit so I went down the car,” said Quevedo, adding that she even went back to the car to get the keys out.

She then saw a set of keys on their rear fender but did not recall it was theirs.

It was here then that the dreaded gang displayed their precision.

There were about four or five of them.

The lookouts acting as distractions as man opens the door of the vehicle. Please click on the image to view another CCTV angle.

You can also watch a different view of the CCTV by clicking on this link: https://www.facebook.com/jules.quevedo/videos/10156071718583512/

One woman with an umbrella was pretending to be on her phone to purposely block the view of witnesses in one store in front of the vehicle.

We saw another woman with an umbrella in the video but we are not sure if she was involved or if she was just happening to pass by.

The original man, seeing the opening, then called out to the driver about the keys on her bumper. This man also seemed to put the keys there.

Then there was another woman who acted as a distraction and lookout as another man opened the passenger side door to get the bag.

Looking at the CCTV, it only took them around 28 seconds to accomplish this crime. Yes, that quick.

The victim stepping out of her car to check what was left on her rear bumper.

“I called 911 and the BF Homes police immediately responded,” said the victim, adding that the suspects were of course quick to flee the area.

After a couple of minutes, Quevedo got a phone call from a fast food in Sucat telling her a customer left her bag organizer with her IDs, ATM and credit cards inside.

“I was stupid of being not too cautious and totally learned a lesson from this,” she expressed, as she warned others from being victims of the same crime.

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