Anti-Bukas Kotse Gang Tips

Since there have been a lot of victims of the Bukas Kotse Gang, here are some reminders that everyone should keep in mind to avoid losing your possessions to these dangerous individuals:

1. Do not leave any valuables inside your cars/vehicles.

A cellphone inside a car, an mp3 player and most especially a laptop will surely attract anyone’s attention. Do not give these people a way to be tempted to open your car. Or if you really don’t have a choice but to leave them, make sure that you hide all your belongings properly.

2. Park in a safe area.

Park near a security guard or a well-lighted area so these Bukas Kotse Gang members will not be too encouraged to even check the inside of your car.

If you are parking in a spot without any guards, make sure a bantay is there to keep your car safe. Uhm, make sure the bantay looks trust-worthy though. And don’t pay them until after you get your car.

3. Have your car tinted.

This is so these criminals will not be able to see the contents of your car.

Having stickers of expensive brand names on your car will also not help you. If you have an Apple sticker on your window then a criminal would most likely think that you have an Apple product inside your car.

4. Always be on the lookout for suspicious individuals near your car.

If you see people suspiciously roaming around the area aimlessly, most likely they are up to no good. Report them to the guard or just don’t park there. Or make them know that you are aware of their presence in the area or in the vicinity of your car.

5. Make sure to lock your cars and to close your windows.

This is a no-brainer tip. Might as well give them your belongings if you forget to do this.

6. Request for CCTV footage from the establishment.

This is just in case you have been victimized already. If they don’t have CCTV’s installed around their establishments, maybe you can report them to City Hall or request them to do so.

7. Power of numbers.

If there are two or three of you riding in the car, maybe one or two of you can take turns checking the car. Or leave someone in the car or have someone stay near the car if you’re just going into the market for a quick purchase. It’s so much of a hassle but I’d rather be interrupted while having dinner than saving up again for my digital camera or laptop.

At any rate, no amount of tips can really assure that we do not fall victims to these low lives so just always be aware of your surroundings and always take care of your belongings.

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