Basag Kotse Gang strikes anew — this time in ATC; Mall management already working with Munti PNP re incident

Hitting two birds with one stone.

This is what so-called Basag Kotse Gang members did tonight in Alabang Town Center as two vehicles were victimized once again in a possible single swoop.

In a Facebook post forwarded to Alabang Bulletin, the victim posted a photo of her car with broken window plus another car who suffered the same fate.

Apparently, they were in the same row at the parking lot by the cinemas where North Park, Jollibee and Mercury Drug are located.

Please see the victim’s post below:

We do not have reports of the missing items yet but we will update this post as soon as we find out what was stolen from the victims.

“In my opinion, whether or not you have things inside your car, window can still be a target and be broken or side mirrors can also be taken away,” said the victim, adding that given that customers pay for parking, it is expected that the area is secure and safe, “otherwise, we are just wasting money.”

This happened between 8:05pm and 9:20pm, Estupin added.

In a statement made by Alabang Town Center management to Alabang Bulletin upon finding out about the incident,  they said they are already giving the incident their serious attention.

“Rest assured that we are already working with Muntinlupa PNP and ATC security to thoroughly investigate the incident and recalibrate our security measures so that this does not happen again,” expressed the ATC management.

Estupin also said that if roving guards were doing their duty and if the CCTV staff were doing their jobs, the perpetrators would have been caught.

Apart from the added security measures, we also call on all vehicle owners in the south to starve these crooks by avoiding leaving anything (we mean “anything”) inside your cars (visible or not) to discourage these beasts from even looking inside your cars and eventually breaking your windows.

Even just a slight glimpse of a bag, they strike.

Let us not give them the satisfaction.

Protect your belongings. Starve these beasts.


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10 Responses

  1. pocho says:

    pls shoot on sight

  2. Jen says:

    Which part of ATC were these cars parked? Para Lang maiwasan… I don’t think they’ll do this in enclosed pay parking areas… esp since pay parking areas in ATC have CCTVs right?

  3. daphne imboltura says:

    why not kill these beasts.. they dont deserve to live.. i see many poor people working their ass off just to feed their family, but these beasts thrive on weaknessess at masakit pa tayo pa ang sasabihan na magadjust.. what a country we live in..

  4. carlos miguel says:

    @jen it is indicated in the report that it is infront jolibee and mercury drug

  5. Ray Torres says:

    The more than 100% increase in parking fee should justify the need of more security and CCTV cameras in ATC. Include Molito as well.

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