Be careful: Las Pinas grocery yields item with different price from what is in cash register

Another grocery violates Republic Act 7394.

What is RA 7394?

It’s the Consumer Act of the Philippines protecting us from the “we-will-charge-you-more-than-what-we-said-in-our-shelves” scheme by some supermarkets.

A villager from Las Pinas got in touch with us yesterday to report a violation by All Day Supermarket near Philam Village wherein she was charged more than what was declared on the display shelf.

“I am into catering and I normally buy butter from them since theirs is a lot cheaper than other stores (based on the price tag). I normally wouldn’t look at each item to check if the selling price is the same as the price tag but since I only got 3 items today, I had the chance to look at the price and was surprised to see 11.6 % difference in the price tag and the selling price,” narrated the aggrieved customer.

The price tag displayed on the shelf was for P47.45 but upon paying she was charged P52.45 for the butter or P5.00 more.

She bought 10 pieces so she was asked to pay P50 more.


Since she had her toddler waiting in the car and was in a hurry, she was not able to do a proper report.

“I simply told the cashier and bagger (and knew it wasn’t their fault) but they have to tell their supervisor that it’s unacceptable and that they should make sure that the tag price is exactly the same as the selling price,” she explained.

If you’ve also experienced this, you can report the establishment to DTI:

DTI Direct
Hotline: (+632) 751.3330
Mobile: (+63) 917.834.3330

From our last post regarding a similar incident, this seems to be happening quite a lot.

Please be more diligent in checking your grocery bills and please report these erring establishments to DTI so they will be punished.


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4 Responses

  1. Dainah says:

    At All-Day near Elizabeth Seton, they gave me a 00.00 on all items I bought. The register showed the amount but the printed receipt (which I looked at the morning after) had all zeros in it.

  2. Sarah says:

    I experienced the same a couple of months ago at Shopwise Festival Mall. I bought a pack of tamarind with a 40-peso+ price tag and was shocked to see a 30-peso difference on the receipt. I was already home when I reviewed my receipt.
    Thanks for this post, now I know where to report such incidents.

  3. Jo says:

    I had same encounter with SM center the difference was 20 plus. My husband didn’t want to complain nalang.

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