Another motorist gets victimized by MCX/Daanghari “stone throwers”

Daanghari Road and MCX really  gives the phrase “stones throw away” a different meaning.

Alabang Bulletin was recently tagged in another stone throwing incident along Daanghari.

According to Facebook user Cecille Natanauan Ramos, she was cruising along Daanghari around 5:55 in the morning last week when she heard a loud sound and realized that her window (drivers side) had been hit with something.

“Habang nag-drive ako pauwi Batangas, pag tapat ko sa Meadows Subd. guard house, may biglang pumutok na malakas sa aking glass window (drivers side). Nasa 60 kilometers per hour lang takbo ko, unti unti nag-crack at bumaba ang window ko,” narrated the victim.

Good thing, the glass window did not shatter completely and hit her face and body, she added in her post.

She posted photos of what happened to her car and reminded all motorists passing MCX and Daanghari to be aware of such incidents.

“Totoo pala na mayroon talagang ganyang incident along Daanghari and MCX Thank God at walang nangyari sa akin kanina,” Ramos expressed.

Most of those who read the story said that what hit Ramos’ car was most probably a material made of metal.

Others also lauded Ramos for being alert and not stopping in the area after the incident because something worse could have happened to her like being victimized by thieves waiting for their victims to stop after hitting their vehicles.

We’ve heard of several indicents like this but we have no idea if the authorities in-charge of the area have done something about this.

Hopefully no more similar things like this happen.

Be careful on the road, everyone.

Calling on all authorities. Let’s not wait for this to happen to you, your wives or your daughters before you do something about this.

Maybe you can include this in your platform in the coming elections.


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