2 incidents involving gun-toting motorists rock BF Homes gates anew

Respeto lang.

This is what BF Federation of Homeowner Association, Inc. is asking of all motorists who pass by their village gates — may they be residents or non-residents.

This developed as two incidents of motorists drawing their guns (or one attempting to) at BFFHAI security guards occurred last week.

In a report from ABS-CBN News, two separate CCTV footage surfaced showing both incidents.

Please see video report of ABS here.

In the first video, a man was seen threatening to pull out his gun after being asked for his driver’s license.

The security guards then called on the police to take care of the incident but this did not stop the vehicle owner in continuing to berate the guards who stopped him.

The motorist was brought to the police station but was later released after some clarifications.

“He claims to be a resident but he was not able to show any proof. Ang pinakita niya ay isang California license because he claims to have just been from the States,” said BFFHAI director Vern Madamba.

The other incident happened last August 1 around 10pm when suspect Peter Arriola drew his gun instead of his driver’s license upon asked by the guards.

Arriola even claimed to be from the police or military which the Las Pinas Police later on found out was not true.

As of yesterday evening, the suspect was still being held at the Las Pinas City Jail as charges of illegal possession of firearms are being explored aside from the initial charges of grave threat.

The suspect had also admitted to having had some alcoholic drinks.

May we remind everyone about the usual saying “their village, their rules” and respect whatever rule each village is implementing.

It can be remembered that BF Homes opened their gates and some of their roads to the public as part of the Friendship Route to help alleviate traffic congestion in the main thoroughfares.

Let us use proper forums if we have issues with any of the village rules and not resort to violence.


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