Task Force Discipline in Muntinlupa in full force

To further deliver on DILG’s orders to clean metro roads in 60 days, Muntinlupa City has strengthened its efforts in the city and re-introduced its Task Force Discipline.

Established even before President Rodrigo Duterte’s most recent SONA, according to City Hall, Task Force Discipline was established to instill, well, discipline all throughout the city.

Photo from Muntinlupa City Hall

With the DILG directive, the task force now has more teeth when it comes to clearing Muntinlupa roads.

Led by City Administrator Engr. Allan Cachuela, the task force recently met with barangay captains, other barangay representatives, the city fire department, city department heads, the city police and other concerned agencies.

Photos from Muntinlupa City Hall

As seen on social media, the task force has been busy the past few weeks in clearing main and secondary roads of illegally parked vehicles, vendors, illegal settlers and even stray cats and dogs.

Many city dwellers have praised City Hall’s efforts but also challenged them at the same time to not only do this within the 60-day period.

Let us all help by being disciplined ourselves.

No more throwing of candy wrappers on the streets. No more parking illegally on designated roads. Stop putting up businesses by the sidewalks where people are supposed to walk on.

Let us not wait for Task Force Discipline to confiscate our tricycles and panindas or clamp our vehicles.

Remember that discipline starts within us.

Apart from this, let us all act as watch dogs and report to City Hall illegally-parked cars and other illegal stuff.

Let us all work together for a more prosperous and clean city.

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