Suspects in remittance center robberies fall to Parañaque police

By JP SORIANO,GMA News June 20, 2015 8:53pm


Four suspected members of the notorius Tolentino group allegedly behind the series of robberies of money remittance centers were arrested by the Parañaque police on Friday morning.

Parañaque police say the suspects arrested are connected to the Ozamis robbery group. One of the suspects, Glen Tolentino, is the son of Ricky Cadavero, the alleged leader of the Ozamis group.

Other suspects arrested were Johnny Bulawan, who was seen in a CCTV clip of one of the recent robberies of an LBC remittance center in Parañaque, and Erikson Javier and Marbell Villaliza.

The suspects refused to be interviewed by GMA News.

Police S/Supt. Ariel Leonor Andrade said the intelligence and special operations section of Parañaque got a tip from their asset that the group would rob two different branches of a known money remittance center in Paranaque and Pasay.

Andrade said they deployed and caught Tolentino and his three alleged accomplices. Police recovered .38-caliber revolvers, fragmentation grenades, and ammunition from the suspects.

Staff of an LBC branch that the group robbed recently identified them.

The suspects have been charged with illegal possession of firearms ammunitions and explosives.

The Ozamis group was behind the bloody robbery of a bank in Alabang and the RCBC bank robbery in Laguna, where robbers left bank staff dead.

After Ozamis leader Cadavero was killed, a new group was formed and targets lighly-guarded money remittance centers.

Since 2012, the group has hit several remittance centers in Cavite, Parañaque, and Pasay.

From May to June of this year, at least five robbery cases involving the same money remittance center have been reported in Parañaque and Cavite, police said.

The robberies are often done by one or two men who take the money at gunpoint and escape on motorcycles. The robberies are usually done in less than two minutes.

LBC, which has been a frequent target of the group, has yet to release a statement on the arrests. — JDS, GMA News

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